Who Da Mayor? (Big Willie Style)

“How much time do we have? 60 Seconds?!”  Yes Gavin.  Now please, go ahead and waste 37 of them.  Great, thanks.

(fast forward to 0:45…)

Gavin: “Willie, what the hell are you doing here?!”

Da Mayor: “I'm filling vacancies!” 

 Wait a fucking minute …did that really just happen?  What Willie Brown should have said:

Gavin: “Willie, what the hell are you doing here?!”

Da Mayor: “ME? Gavin, what the fuck are YOU doing here?!”  

Willie Brown has the startled look of someone who's been squatting in that office since Gavin peaced out to Hawaii back in November of '09.  You can't really blame Willie; I mean of all the places to run into Gavin Newsom you'd never expect it to be the mayor's office, amirite?  (HAHAHA GET IT?! ABSENTEE MAYOR JOKE, HIYOOOO!!!)

Could this video get any better*?  It's already reached the high standards set by such prestigious marketing campaigns as DeVry and the law offices of Ronnie Deutsch.  Oh wait, YES IT CAN; CUE THE ROCK AND ROLL OUTRO!!!  FUCKIN WAIL, MUUUSSSSEEE!!!  WAAUGGHHHH!!!!

*see 'cliche', like this post.

Comments (4)

I cannot believe that MFer is spouting about the school district when they’ve sent out like 900 pink slips to teachers.

Who decided that Felix Da Housecat’s remix of Nina Simone’s ‘Sinnerman’ was a wise choice for background music?

I think its a snappy ad.

It would have been a lot funnier if Willie was, um, “indisposed” when Gavin walked in on him.

Gavin: “Willie! Oh my god, what the…”
Willie: “No I swear, it’s not what it looks like –”
Gavin: “Jennifer!? WTF?!”
Jennifer: “Gavin, I –”
Kamala: “Jennifer, as your attorney I recommend you keep quiet.”
Gavin: “Kamala?! Put your shirt back on and get out of here!”
Willie: “Hey baby, you don’t have to get going just yet. Willie’s just gettin’ started!”