Ice Cream Cart at the End of the Rainbow

There’s a mural up on my block.  Luckily, a reader who provides a more interesting narrative than that chimed in:

The jackass who owns the graffiti magnet apt. building on 23rd and Capp finally figured out if you can’t beat ‘em, join him.  He got tired spending $1,000 a month on paint and hired a crew to put up a mural on his building.  Actually, not a crew, he got Francisco Aquino a.k.a. Twick to do the mural. Nice.

I’m definitely interested in seeing this when it’s done, especially since I don’t have to go very far to check it out.  That said, I don’t see a lot of cowboys selling ice cream.  Herding ATMs on the other hand….

The neighborhood is VERY EXCITED.  WITH CAMERAS.