I found a golden ticket!


No, that is not Wall-E. That is motherfucking Johnny Five with some kind of tongue sex-toy, chainsaw arm in Kink Dot Com’s world headquarters in the Armory at Mission and Fourteenth. I got to go on a tour there yesterday with my bosses and a bunch of my coworkers. It was even cooler than I thought it would be. From the creek running beneath it, to the friendly employees, awesome and much-better-looking-than-Gene-Wilder tour guide, crazy homemade sets, and the god damn giant open space where they are going to be hosting public events, I wasn’t really ready to leave. Also, there were some naked chicks and whatnot. Did you know dude that owns Kink.com lives on the top floor? 

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holy shit, I’ll never be able to watch Short Circuit the same way ever again.

that is not johnny 5. the real johnny 5 is half dismantled after being beaten up in short circuit 2, and is now owned by a chemist in the north bay.

that was the worst robot snuff scene ever put to film. I’m still traumatized.