Follow Friday: Crazy SF Bay Guardian Publisher

I highly doubt this account is real but, goddamn, even if you don’t give a fuck about blogging/journalism/teh cyberspaces, it’s comedy gold.


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Holy shit that’s hilarious. For the most part I hate Twitter. To me it is endless bullshit, however occasional moments of brilliance surface. I love that he’s yelling throughout. Only 17 followers? We’ll make that 18…

damn it has 18 already? We’ll call that the “KevMo bump” (not to be confused with the KevMo iPhone/SF Weekly rail), dude only had like 7 followers this morning.

Fake Twitter accounts = highly entertaining comedy.

dude, i wouldnt be surprised if that shit was real. I drank beers and ate garlic fries with that dude at Thee Parkside when I worked for SFBG. that man is crazy in the most fantastic way.