Fabric8 is a Pretty Rad Space

I never bothered to check out Fabric8 because it always struck me as a place people went to eat “revolutionary street food” and not dig art.  Despite the fact this place relies on some dude selling kebabs or some shit to do all its promotion, it’s a pretty rad space.  Epic designs from astroturfed floor to ceiling, cheap Sirron Norris prints, and, best of all, a bathtub-fishtank (pictured).  I easily spent more time in awe over the fish than I did looking at any given piece of work, which isn’t a diss towards the artists but more a compliment to the fish.  Also, you can take a poop in there.  Neat!

(photo by Jeff D., who laughed at my original iPhone pic and sent me this)

Comments (3)

You can poop in the fish tank? Cool.


I’m pretty sure you need a permit for that.