Entire Cast of Full House Spotted at the Painted Ladies!

In the immortal words of Uncle Joey, “Cut it out!”

(via The Urban Housewife)

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WTF is Becky wearing? And why is Kimmy Gibler in the family shot? You should have told her to get the hell out of your picture.

apparently that there is up there quite a bit lately. I was there yesterday and my friend mentioned he saw the same dude there the other day.

OMG is Dj wearing a choker? That whore!

unfortunately it looks like only half of one of the olsen girls could make it. The other half apologizes but had to go off on a baby bender…

one of THE most common questions I get from tourists….one time I ran into a guy way out in the Outer Sunset who was lost looking for the “Full House Houses”.

I’ve never been asked where the Full House house is but a lot of people ask me about the Charmed house. Beats the eff outta me!

The Charmed house is here: 1329 Carroll Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Thank you! I really had no idea.