They Hatin': Ganja Treats Man Bust Followup

A reader follows up with pictures of the bust + narc responsible for hating on fun:

I witnessed the take down of the Ganja Man.  It was, just like you say, extremely sad.

I also love the group of people sitting directly to the right of the arrest.  They are trying to act cool but are actually sweating it big time cause they presumably have just bought from him… ha ha.  The whole thing is disappointing on so many levels; mostly that don’t the cops have anything better to do?

I’m also digging on the cop that has to carry the skull staff back to the cruise.  Hey Johnny, can you put this into evidence?

Previous coverage.

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that guy’s treats sucked anyway. and i do enjoy sex with animals, thank you.


Ya let’s make damn sure nobody can by at 10 or 20 brown bud from a local non violent entrepreneur.
This should make all the finger pointing perfect people happy!
Meanwhile, the world is breaking down and I am stuck on the ground. Let’s hope this is not THE last day.
@ anonymous who enjoys sex with animals
You and your partners using protection, right?

My cat wants to know if you have a picture?

So stupid they arrest non-violent people at the park when I witness daily crack heads running around by 16th & Mission BART - next to kids - selling drugs and doing all sorts of weird shit.

i love you for saying that about 16th & mission anonymous. you are sooo right. it’s ridiculous the way crime runs rampant two blocks from the station.

can we get a real follow up? does anyone actually know the guy or what exactly happened? any coverage on this besides some cell phone pics and a ‘hey my brother’s girlfriend’s cousin totally saw it go down’ eyewitness report?

Naw dude, this is a blog.

I do not do drugs, I do not drink, I don’t give a shit what anyone’s pleasure is. He’s not bothering a soul. In fact, people enjoy his “goods”. Leave him alone.

This is ridiculous. I agree with the above commenter. The police should be cleaning up 16th & Mission, not worrying about some guy selling treats to a bunch of yuppie/hipsters in Dolores Park. Or, possibly focusing on the serious gang problem in the Mission. Seriously. There is really no comparison between marijuana and crack.

Ganja Man should be arrested for selling useless brownies anyway. I wasted ~$20 one time on brownies that didn’t do shit.

this is the most amazing post of all time. and yes his treats pretty much sucked. i will miss that skull cane though….. where do you suppose it is? skull cane jail? or a landfill?

Hey gina: Your blog sux. Stop spamming and get a real job.

Love the cop in the plaid. Way to be authentic…. just need to switch out those sporty sunglasses for some Ray Bans.

shouldn’t the plain clothes officer be stealing the skull staff and not booking into evidence?

fuck the police! ganja treat dude was a landmark in dolores for me haha. never bought his treats though, he was always very surly to me..

i’m all for drugs but that guy is a thug the same way scalpers at the ballpark are thugs try competing with them and see what happens