Parklett Coming to 22nd

As you can see from this postage stamp, there’s going to be a parklett on 22nd @ Mission

Look at this: now you have a nice grassy surface to puke up that pint of tequila from Latin American Club.  I kid.  See, I don’t own a car and am not a whiny NIMBY, so I’m all for this.  It’ll be nice to see grass and trees and flowers and dog shit not beneath my feet while walking around the city, as opposed to the oil stains and crappy pavement we get now.

From Pavement to Parks:

The 22nd Street Parklet will pilot more create use of the parking lane at a location in the Mission where sidewalks are narrow and pedestrian activity high. This pilot application will explore the idea of modularity, allowing for a “kit of parts” to be developed for possible future installations. The design has been developed free of charge to the City by ReBar Group.


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This is a great idea, but I think it would be better if we just closed the entire last block of Bartlett around the corner, between 21st and 22nd, to cars. It’s absurdly wide and has nothing but a few driveways, which could be accommodated while still making the whole block into some sort of pedestrian space.