Narcs Take Down Ganja Treats Man

UPDATE: Additional pictures + coverage.

“Excuse me, but you are double parked.”

Apparently Mission PD has employed a cool kid (via beanie/Converse ‘kicks’/green flannel) to do undercover busts in Dolores.  Watching some humorless cop toss Ganja Treats Man’s cooler and wizard staff in the trunk of a cruiser was probably the most heart-breaking thing I’ve seen since Ice Cube’s last movie.  Anyways, if you’re a drug dealer and you see gray Pontiac Grand Am and some awkward coolster, you might want to reconsider the sale.  If anyone got a picture of this waste of police resources face, send it our way so we can post it.  Because when narcs are in the park, the terrorists NIMBY neighbors win.

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Really f that guy


Well, it is illegal. And since buying your drugs in parks or on the street is notoriously tacky (not to mention a bit absent-minded since, comparatively, you never know what you’re getting), I’m all for it. Cuff ‘em.

whoa, you must have never been to Dolores. Its not tacky its just kind of part of the park. Selling weed truffles to semi drunk people is kind of low on the drug chain. I see people in the TL fucking shooting up on the street. Crossing the street not a cross walk is illegal, spitting on the sidewalk in certain counties is illegal. So regardless if its illegal on the books, you need to analyze how this affects the community and its people.

yea i’m analyzing how i’ll get by without my weeeeeed bro, where my medicine??

The Ganja Treat guy is no saint by any means… He is kind of a thug actually, I have seen him threaten many people who “encroached on his territory”, so defending him is a little rediculous…

Stop illegal stuff. You can’t pick and choose what to enforce. If it’s illegal for now, then enforce it for now.

It is obvious even from the back that this guy is hiding something. Never trust a white guy in a flannel and a beanie with loose fitting pants on.

if we’re stopping illegal stuff, i vote for the people drinking, selling drugs openly, and pissing all over the street around 16th and mission bart for a few blocks in all directions. oh wait, the bart station isn’t surrounded by rich neighbors with too much time on their hands ?

You have to admit, that’s a pretty good Dolores Park disguise that dude got himself.

Hmmm.. wouldn’t it be cheaper to just hire a gardner to mow and trim the grass?

Moral Of Story: Two Fingers Rule. Never trust anyone who isn’t wearing skinny jeans.