Enticing Room for Rent

I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around this scene for an epic few minutes.  On one hand, I am comfortably situated in a lovely house with roommates who cannot beat me in an Irish Carbomb race (I like winning).  On the other hand, I want to live with 23 cats.  I feel like someone who hasn’t heard of Craigslist and color coordinates their jacket with the skin of shirtless bro strumming the panties off some hipster hooker is probably not working in the tech sector.  I find that very desirable.  What kind of music does she listen to?  Anything that goes well with heroin.  What’s in the garden?  Anything that gets you high.  What kind of fabric is the couch made out?  Cheetos.


 (photo by J.B. Davis)

Comments (4)

I saw this woman advertising these same bedrooms in front of the Castro Theater and then later at Dolores Park and then later on 18th Street in front of Bi Rite FOR HOURS. Always in shades. No idea what’s going on.

I just saw this lady at FedEx/Kinkos on Market & 14th Street - you know the one, with the single machine you can use to print directly from a USB drive, which is broken down half the time … oh wait that doesn’t really distinguish it from the others does it.

THAT LADY!!!!!!! She goes to my gym on Market st. She always wears orange velvet pants sunglasses while she works out. Those rooms have also been avail. since last summer.