Old Man Does It Big

AC Transit isn’t that awesome but a shirt that say I AM A MOTHERFUCKER on a 65 year old man fucking is.

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way to go you retard. youve sparked an internet race war. a geriatric version of oroville is now the posterboy for stormfront.

god damn your making it like this video is assassination of franz ferdinand. calm down.

there is so much to love about this, i don’t know where to start. fwiw, he says he’s 67 in the video, not 65.

haha it’s so awesome how nobody helps out the bleeding dude afterward. And you guys are awesome for posting this - I feel so authentic right now, I saw a fight on youtube! THUG LIFE!

The woman in the purple tight’s expression or pose does not change during the entire video, she is not amused.

Bring M&Ms?

I like that gramps attempts to explain that he’s not racist by stating he wouldn’t care if dude was a “chinaman”

as for racewars, youtube comments are always racewars, I never read that bullshit

the internet hate machine has already tracked down the person who shot the video AND ms. american apparel.

Fucking idiot got what he deserved. I hope that the camera girl gets charged too, for stealing the dude’s bag.


Apparantly the old guy was arrested after getting off the bus, I hope he was not charged as it was clearly self defence.

EBM - A true fucking hero.

I support this.

What’s this shit I hear about him getting his stuff stolen, and going to Jail?

EBM deserves an internets. May he live longer that ######. Although given the stupidity of the ###### it’s probobly likely.

Thug ALMOST got what he deserved, tho EBG chose to spare him further beating, unfortunately. Thieves should give him his bag back.

Two words:


hey, is someone gonna arrest this fucker for stealing Dude’s bag? It’s fucking ON VIDEO.

……….I like that gramps attempts to explain that he’s not racist by stating he wouldn’t care if dude was a “chinaman”…….

Also, Dude, chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature. Asian-American, please. ;-)

Asian-American is too generic, the person could be of Japanese descent, Korean descent, Thai, Taiwanese, etc.

Nothing wrong with stating a specific nationality, although Chinese man would be more appropriate. And maybe he would want the service of a Chinese male (not a Chinese-American male).

Now to get PC on a 67 year old male for his lexicon is quite absurd. While Chinese-American, Chinese man, Asian-American, etc might be preferred nowadays that wasn’t always the case and identifiers change with generations. Plus he has psychiatric issues so to get PC over his word usage is pretty ridiculous.

FU to racists!
FU to thieves!
I give the beat down a 7.. I tell you what I am gonna say 7 and ½, extra half star cuz it was a solo.
Lessen learned here is study and know the rule book.
Rule 1
All phones is tapped.
Rule 2
All strangers is the police.
Rule 3
Guy’s with Full Beards=Trouble, unless they are with reindeer.
u know