Given the success of "Hipster Puppies," I think I should start "Indie Rock Puppies"

All I wanted to do yesterday was ravage a black bean burger and drink some generic-yet-strikingly-sexy American beer; so I rolled into Bender’s and was immediately confronted by some Fernet-sponsored afternoon sideshow.  Yahweh clearly wasn’t going to be parting the sea of scenesters covered in red stage lighting for me, so opted to hang out in the back making fleeting hand-grabbing motions at the unplugged pinball machine.  Then I spotted the scene below.  Front row at an indie-row concert: this poor dog had ‘teh fear’ in his eyes.  The owner even attempted to cover the dog’s ears when their fashion-accessory became visibly unsettled.  It didn’t work but the. show. must. go. on.

I guess this is what it takes to be cool in the authenticity arms race?

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What kind of half backed piece of shit brings their dog to a loud concert and then doesn’t attempt to correct the situation by leaving but rather pinches the dogs ears shut. I hope the owner is going to eat the dog later cuz there’s no excuse other than - i’m going to eat the dog anyway but would like to keep the flesh relaxed as much as possible.

Honestly, hearing this type of shit makes me sick. WTF, leave your dog at home! Who in their right mind thinks that dogs like concerts and crowds? Dammit, it’s not cool or “ironic”. Get another accessory and an effing life. Bar owners…please don’t let dogs in, they are not over 21!!