Dolores Park to Close For the Entirety of Its Renovation

Following up on our hard-hitting journalism from Friday, Nicolas King, an aide to Supervisor Dufty, has confirmed that Dolores Park will be “entirely closed during its renovation.”  While he was unable to provide a specific date for its closure, the most recent project report indicates construction could begin as soon as August 18th, 2011 or as late as December 18th, 2011 and would be completed in 17 months.  Regardless, plan on kicking it elsewhere for 2012.

Kinda feel bad for Bi-Rite Creamery, since they are expanding the size of their shop and most of their customer base will be off smoking DMT and watching bros skateboard.  At least we'll get to have a kick-ass Irish funeral for the park on August 17th?

Calls to the Recreation and Parks Department were unreturned.

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… Surely there must be a session for public comment about closing the park. Also… it DOES need a new bathroom and other renovations, but these can and should be done in a more efficient way, without closing off the park entirely.

How would they even close the park off? Put a giant concrete wall around it? Chain-link fence with barbed wire? You think a simple ‘do not cross’ plastic line is going to keep hundreds of people out? Are the cops going to ticket every single person? They’ll never be able to shut the park down.

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I wonder why can’t they close it in pieces? Is this going to be another Union Square job?

Closing it in pieces, or phasing, will dramatically increase costs and lower the net benefit of the upgrades.

Apparently the dirty smelly hipsters of Dolores are also impatient too.

Yes, lots of shiny marble and chrome with a two story parking garage underneath. Now your thinking J.

Did you check with Mary Hobson, Project Manager for RPD for the DP renovation rather than just Nicolas King at Sup.Dufty’s office? If you had, you’d learn that the reno will be done in TWO stages, and that while the two stages are 1) the childrens’ playground 2) the rest of the park, Rec&Park will look for ways to do the work in more stages so as to maximize access even during the work.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to have you say at the public meetings to begin in May or June.

Mary Hobson refuses to return our calls.

I seriously doubt that. She is rather forthright and one of the better project managers I have met. The truth of the matter is that King was speaking without any real information on the matter; the bonds haven’t even been sold yet so how can any plans have been put forward?

If you feel like dabbling in the world of reporting/bloggin again, I recommend getting your facts straight and not jumping on the bandwagon of rabble-rousers.

All in all I have been VERY disappointed with how people have been repeating these false statements and the knee-jerk reaction the misinformed public has to them.

There is going to be a meeting regarding it;

“the Parks Department in collaboration with Supervisor Bevan Dufty’s office will host the first official public meeting on the upcoming Dolores Park renovation project. Titled “Shining Light on 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond Projects: Mission Dolores Park”, the meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 3, 6-8 pm at the Dolores Park Church, 455 Dolores St.”

you can find more information here.

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