local car dealership is actually a hotel/spa/cafe

You guys I feel like here on Uptown Almanac we post a lot of “gritty” stuff like “dope graffiti” posts and “a car just blew up on Capp Street” posts. Worried that the interests of some demographics aren’t represented here, for example, “rich people who want at all moments to feel like they are at the W Hotel even when they are just at the car mechanic”. So, in rich people news, the BMW of San Francisco on Howard and South Van Ness is actually a “5 star hotel for cars”. It is also a “Spa for cars”. It is also a “hip wireless hotspot” where you can take your lappy and sip cappucino with other rich people while waiting for your car to get massaged and body scrubbed. Just in case you are worried that the establishment you are chilling in isn’t as cash-positive as you, you can relax knowing that they stock $1 million in BMW parts. Dunno about you, but I always feel better when I know that the cash value of “all the stuff around me” is at least $1 mill.

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this blog is one of my new favorites because all of you write in such an entertaining, engaging way…the “rich people W hotel comment” fucking cracked me up.