Area Tastemakers Are, Like, So Over The Mission Right Now

As 2012 comes to a close, it's time for blogs to reflect on what the last dozen or so months meant for people who read blogs.  And despite all the countless top ten features and banal breakdowns, Eater's tastemaker's survey on what the best dining neighborhood of the year often stands out.

Suffice it to say, the list has historically been less about what neighborhood was best and more about piling the well-deserved accolades on the Mission.  But 2012?  Well, 2012's list is most definitely about the Mission, but it isn't the usual shower of compliments to which we're accustomed:

Josh Sens, San Francisco Magazine: Obvious to say, but the Mission

Brock Keeling, SFist: Anywhere but the Mission.

Jonathan Kauffman, Tasting Table: Clearly, this is the year when Valencia Street jumped the shark. No, really, people: OPEN YOUR DAMN RESTAURANT SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Yikes!  Proposed restaurant moratoriums, now this?  Some even went so far as to say, “fffffffff can't we just start eating in Bayview or something?” (I'm paraphrasing).

Does this mean 2013 is the year all the foodies declare the Mission “over” and move to Oakland or whatever?

[Eater | Photo by Serena McClain]

2012 Fuckin' Sssuuuccckkkkeeeddd (Except When It Didn't)

More Doorbell.

I actually thought 2012 was a pretty good year for Bay Area music.  Ty Segall had a banner year that has landed him on notable Best Of lists (even if he's celebrating by moving back to LA), the world found out Antwon exists, The Mission got a new venue via The Chapel (even if it looks like a dark and spooky hobo camp most nights),  The Coup released that video of puppets railing serious lines, everyone's favorite local rollerskating hero got a shout-out in Spin (which I guess is music-related), the free concerts at Brick + Mortar are still going strong, I didn't hear Journey once at a karaoke bar, and I personally discovered Grandma's Boyfriend is a band.  A damn good year, no?

Well, the critics over at The Bay Bridged weren't so impressed, but they were able to find a few hits:

The Mallard played everywhere this year. They graced the small and mighty stage at Oakland’s amazing 1,2,3,4 Go! Records and they thrashed outdoors at our very own Rock Make Street Festival. They got it going on. See them soon before your only option is the nosebleed section of Oracle Arena.

Well, shit.  I was able to catch the last few minutes of their Rock Make set and it was definitely damn good, so you should probably go get tickets to their 1/12 show at The Indy before you have to do something regrettable like go to Oakland to see 'em.

(And read on for additions thoughts on Terry Malts and queer bars in Oakland.)