And Now Let's Watch a Pack of Partying Puppets Do All The Cocaine

This video is 4 weeks old, which is practically 40 in internet years, so do excuse our tardiness, but for some sick reason, we're only now catching wind of Oakland-based The Coup's video for “Your Parents' Cocaine.”  Isn't it grand?  It has all the elements of we look for in video perfection, namely: puppets, drugs, stabbings, felt finger-banging, raining money, and kazoos. Yes, obviously, kazoos.


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That’s the year I first got on the internet, which would make it more or less the paleolithic era in Internet Years, I think.

1983 for me, but that wasn’t even the Internet, it was Fidonet, then Usenet

Fidonet definitely doesn’t count. That was just BBSs.

I don’t even know what the internet is, but puppets and drugs are cool!

Wow, The Coup sounds hella different now! Been a while since Steal This Album days, I guess. Or maybe it’s the Black Flag action. Not bad, just different. The video is amazing, in any case! Thanks for the heads up.

Good to know, not that my arm has to be twisted to check out their stuff… Thanks, dude.

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