Because San Jose Rap is Cool

Antwon brings you a new video for his song Helicopter, produced by Walsh. You nerds can watch the bullitt clips but for the people who actually like rap this shit is dope and you should check out dude's bandcamp

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It’s a good enough song, and the video proves that 70’s car chases around SF are still way more exciting then anything in the past or now happening in San Hoe. His style reminds me of Dre Dawg (Andre Nickatina). Panasonic keyboard beats rock! But fo realz,has anyone heard some of the freestyle that goes on in Dolores sometimes? I’ve heard some crazy ass lines come out of some drunk/high ass fools. Comparable or even better then this…..Anyway, R.I.P. Mac Dre!

“We in the kitchen, eatin on a full stomach”

Don’t sleep on Walsh’s band COOLRUNNINGS.

That is a hype track. Good post.

I would LOVE this but the never-ending organ chord makes my ears bleed