cool dogs

Good Dog of the Week: Iggy

Hello, Good Dog fans!

There are a lot of good dogs in this town but it's tough to pick a winner. Iggy is an awesome pup - I ran into him at Rhea's when I was getting my kimchi on.

With all the delicious smells in Rhea's you would think a dog would just be barking like crazy at the sandwich crew, desperately crying out in dog-ese “Where's my sandwich! It's been half an hour goddamnit! I ordered the Korean Beef - it's the best one!”

But no, the little dude was chill as heck, and totally didn't mind having a conversation and posing for a photograph.

Great dog - best of the week for sure.

In other news the kimchi at Rhea's is amazing.  I can't believe I never knew you could buy it in jars until this weekend.  Goes great with scrambled eggs - just sayin'

Good Dog of The Week: Tiny Corgi

I saw this little champion after work the other day.  It was a stressful day - lots of people buggin out and a ton of extra work, I was fried and just wanted to go home.  Then I saw Tiny Corgi. He looked up at me and I knew everything was going to be alright.  

He was like, “hey man… it's just work, right? Dont stress - tomorrow's going to be another day in this beautiful city.” and I said “yeah… yeah it is”.

Good Dog of The Week: Fletcher the Shep

People seem to shy away from big dogs but you know what?  These people are assholes.  Big dogs can be great when they have a good disposition. Take Fletcher here - a German Shep, big dog to be sure, but do you see a kinder more well behaved dog on the Panhandle? 

Nope, sorry - your Bichon is a total piece of shit and your Australian Shepherd is nice but a total spaz (let's be honest).

In other news, there was a lot of fireworks up on the Panhandle, which was pretty awesome to see, but why the hell can't we buy any real goddamn fireworks up here?  We have to have a connection in Chinatown to get any bottle rockets, or make the trip to Nevada to get anything more powerful than oversized sparklers. Maybe banning cool fireworks and delicious goose livers is all part of the plan for Nevada's tourism lobby? Either way, if you want to buy some good foie gras I know a guy in Chinatown with the good stuff.