Good Dog of The Week: Larry the Long Dog

Welcome to Larry's world—we just live in it. Larry is a Dachshund. Larry is at the bar at Minx. Larry is wearing a neckerchief. And best of all? Positive attitude. Larry is a gentleman and I was glad to meet him.

Larry was up this week hanging out at Minx—an awesome bar in the Tenderloin, and one of my favorite in the city. If you'd like to check it out, go soon because Minx is getting shut down in the next 3 or 4 weeks because the Art Institute prudes got sick of their students showing up hungover in their 8am Sculpture and Modern Society class (4 credits). While this makes me barkin' mad, take the time this week and head up there. Tell Larry I said hi.

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The Minx is getting shut down!? like for good? this is terrible news. minx truly is one of the greatest bars in the city

it’s true :(

They might move locations but it seems pretty up in the air if that will happen

Tenderloin? try tenderknob……and please people stop saying that Olive(little Siagion) or anything on Polk(Polk gultch) is the Tenderloin….

what is this business blaming the bar shutting down on the art institute? and do you mean SFAI or the academy of art? Because I’m pretty sure SFAI had no had in these, and definitely hates being mixed up with the academy of art, which is hardly a school and mostly a real estate monger.

** SFAI had no hand in this

This is the Tenderloin, so shaddap.

And yeah, that’s ass that the AoA is shutting down Minx. Having lived on that block for nearly a decade, I can safely say that I’d take a few drunks on Fridays & Saturdays as opposed to art students always. Especially now because they have even less to do given that the AoA lowered their curriculum requirements due to so many of the assclowns dropping out too soon before they could rack up massive debt for an art degree.