Good Dog of The Week: Fletcher the Shep

People seem to shy away from big dogs but you know what?  These people are assholes.  Big dogs can be great when they have a good disposition. Take Fletcher here - a German Shep, big dog to be sure, but do you see a kinder more well behaved dog on the Panhandle? 

Nope, sorry - your Bichon is a total piece of shit and your Australian Shepherd is nice but a total spaz (let's be honest).

In other news, there was a lot of fireworks up on the Panhandle, which was pretty awesome to see, but why the hell can't we buy any real goddamn fireworks up here?  We have to have a connection in Chinatown to get any bottle rockets, or make the trip to Nevada to get anything more powerful than oversized sparklers. Maybe banning cool fireworks and delicious goose livers is all part of the plan for Nevada's tourism lobby? Either way, if you want to buy some good foie gras I know a guy in Chinatown with the good stuff.

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Owner needs to put the prong collar on correctly though

This whole state is a tinderbox in July you silly Masshole. Google the Oakland Hills Fire.

German shep’s are pretty scary to alot of people I have met. After all,it is the breed of control. used by the power’s that be to scare and injure who ever they might be trying to scare,injure. i.e. jews of ww2, Blacks in the states,and anyone who has had to run from the popo.

As a owner of a Aussie mix who frequents the panhandle. I’m glad my boy has finally gained some notoriety

Cool post