Good Dog of The Week: Ollie The Boston

I'm going to preface this by stating emphatically that I'm not normally a fan of Boston Terriers.  They have weird eyes, make rude fucked-up snortle sounds, and are too hyper.

Ollie is a bit of an exception. First of all, Ollie lives up to his name, little motherfucker can jump super high.  In the pic above he got hella vert before snatching up that plastic shrimp thing. But also Ollie was fine to just chill out. Normally the intensity of a dog is inversely proportional to it's size, sort of a Boyle's Law of Thermodognamics. This guy was willing to ease off a bit though, which is a good quality, you don't want a dog who is just going to nag you constantly, you want a dogbro.

Final Verdict: A+++ Would Pet Again

Comments (3)

I see that Ollie can snatch raw bacon from mid-air. I like Ollie. I would like to be able to do that.

That Dog rules!!!

my dream dog would be a Boston/Bull Terrier mix