Don't Get Caught in a Bad Hotel

I know I rallied against Lady Gaga memes earlier, but this is tops.

A flashmob infiltrates the Westin St. Francis hotel in San Francisco and performs an adaptation of Lady Gaga’s song “Bad Romance.” The event was organized to draw attention to a boycott called by the workers of the hotel who are fighting to win a fair contract and affordable healthcare. Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer activists put the song and dance together as a creative way to tell the hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ people from all over the country coming to San Francsico in June for Pride to stay out of the boycotted hotels.

(thanks Jackson!)

lollergeddon: "Burrito triggers SF bomb squad, disrupts Muni N-Judah rail service"

The terrorists just won the war:

A suspicious package containing a burrito disrupted San Francisco Municipal Railway Service in the city’s Sunset District early Tuesday and prompted a response by the bomb squad.

A witness on the scene reported the package was found to contain a burrito.

I’m worried for our safety.  Are trigger happy BART cops going to ‘bust shots’ in my chest because I’m hungry for some rice and guac at 2am?  Trick question.

(via Bay City News)

Hayes Valley / Tenderloin is the New Mission District

Continuing yesterday’s coverage of White Migration 2010, we bring you news of a New York Time’s article that is so good, I won’t even hate on it.  Turns out the NYT just figured out that most of the Mission has known for a while: the art is leaving the neighborhood:

But with wider recognition, street art in the Mission appears to have lost a bit of its edge, though much captivating work is still being produced there. Now some of the freshest and most thought-provoking pieces are turning up elsewhere, like the spray-painted and stenciled images found in neighborhoods like SoMa, the Tenderloin and Bayview-Hunters Point.

“In neighborhoods like SoMa, Bayview-Hunters Point and the Tenderloin, the work feels more expressive and free,” said Justin Giarla, owner of the White Walls gallery in the Tenderloin, which is presenting an exhibition of works by the graffitists Blek le Rat and Above. “The street art scene in the Mission is comparatively much more structured.”

Who do we make our pariah?!  I want to protest something!  Is it Precita Eyes?  Is it Mission Loc@l?  Is it David Campos?  Is it American Apparel?  Is it Banksy?  Is it that nasty bowl of Ramen I had last night? LET’S BREAK SHIT.

Angsty Hipster Cutting Spokes on Fixies in the Mission

Walked out of a bar a few days ago to find this.  As a former bike mechanic, I can tell you that spokes don’t just snap in the middle of the spoke.  Especially when the bike is parked.  Listen hookers, this isn’t like slashing tires.  We can’t just go to Pep Boys, play on our iPhone for 30 minutes and be on our way.  No, we have to drag our bikes home, leave it in the garage for 4 months until we get the motivation to fix it and use our roommate’s less-fun bike for a few months without him knowing about it.  Fuck, now he knows.

Humorless Business Nubs at Humphry Slocombe Still Blocking People For Following Jasper Slobrushe on Twitter

Really?  Think they would have moved on?

Follows Jasper:

Doesn’t follow Jasper:

I guess they don’t want people’s business.  Not that I thought their ice cream was very good in the first place.  Weird for the sake of being weird, not for the sake of being good.  WHAT?!