I Made My Last DJ Mix as Sick Face

I can assure you, little to no people will care about this, and yet here we are. I've DJed and produced music under the name Sick Face for many years, but tonight I will be putting that moniker to rest, as well as bow out of the 'DJ game' for a good while. I'll be performing my final DJ set at the monthly disco/boogie/dance music party Grow Up, which kicks off tonight at Madrone around 9 p.m, along with Jonas Reinhardt DJs, Chungtech, Hotthobo, and Fenstar. It's totally free, so you should come and get drunk and dance with other drunk people.

As sort of a last hurrah, I put together and recorded this final DJ set to share with folks the kind of stuff I'll be playing tonight. It's a lot of new-ish disco and older house tunes, plus some unreleased/previously unheard stuff. Basically, stuff no one that reads this blog will like. I stuck the player for that under this text, along with the tracklist. Enjoy!

Sick Face - The Final Mix by Patric Fallon

1. CFCF - “Invitation to Love”
2. Von Sudenfed - “That Sound Wiped”
3. Rigas den Andre - “W.A.S.P. (What's Your Poison?) [R2 Remix]”
4. Les Rhythmes Digitales - “Take a Little Time”
5. Azari - “Hungry (For the Power)”
6. Rhythm Masters - “Why Oh Why”
7. Sick Face - “The Lower Haight”
8. diskJokke - “1987 (Radio Edit)”
9. The Juan MacLean - “Crush the Liberation”
10. The Miracles Club - “Light of Love”
11. Marcos Cabral - “I Prefer to Smoke Alone”
12. Headman - “Private Show (Tape II Tape Remix II Dub)”
13. Gadi Mizrahi and Soul Clap - “Beautiful Thang”
14. Mugwump - “Dissidaze”
15. Zombi - “Sapphire (Escort Remix)”
16. Alexis - “Lonely Sea”
17. Les Rhythmes Digitales - “Dreamin'”
18. Jimmy Edgar - “Physical Motion”

Comments (3)

sweet set. are you sure about the party being free though? it’s at madrone…that bar is ridiculously cover happy.

Thanks for the kind words, and yes, it was a free party. I know it’s rare for Madrone, but the Grow Up party never charges a cover. Check it out next month!

I like how the name portion of the comments is autofilled as “Douchebag”. Sick mix for a Sick face.