Lebron surely headed to the Warriors

What with their new future-bridge logo, the possibility of Larry Ellison buying the team, and the above information from the obviously hilarious Warriors beat writer Marcus Thompson it seems to leave little doubt that King James will be announcing his signing with Golden State tomorrow night. I know I shouldn't be posting about sports on San Francisco's number one rated hipster blog, but seeing as I almost got beat up by one of the Uptown writers for talking smack about the Red Sox last week, I figure it's okay.

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Hipster blog? This shit is a frat-fest.

Nerd-fest, bro.

I’ll be at the Yankees game in Oakland tonight while Kevin sips Sam Adams in The Marina.

Only if it is Sam Summer.

Also, real Bostonians don’t drink Sam. Harpoon, Magic Hat are our wifebeater beers of choice.