SHOCKER: The Chronicle's New Foodie Website Tastes Like Shit

The design looks like it is a hybrid of 1999 meets crappy 2006 web 2.0 standards, the RSS feed gives you a two sentence teaser (no photos even!) so you don’t even know if you want to read the post, the homepage is equally useless (for a blog, this is beyond weak), and the entire time you get the sense they are trying to drive pageviews, not content you want to read.

When Paolo quit Eater, I actually wondered if the Chronicle was going to create an Eater/Grubstreet/SFoodie killer.  Should have known better.  Is anyone actually going to read this?  Doubt it, considering there are countless SF foodie websites that are worth reading and, more importantly, easy on the eyes and RSS readers.  What a waste of writing talent.


MC Paul Barman Busting Out Some Crazy Rhymes

I don’t really hide the fact that MC Paul Barman is one of my favorite rappers of the last decade, but this shit is just ridiculous.  Watch the above video then check out the same series of rhymes as an actual rap with a beat.

(If you’re bored, check out his collection of vids)

Valencia Rain Forest

I know, I know.  Nothing new about trees being planted on Valencia.  That said, anyone walking down Valencia yesterday afternoon with their faces not glued to their cellphones likely noticed how cool this row of trees looked in the rain.

McLaren Park Could Once Again Have a Bike Park

Did you know that McLaren Park was once a 70s hot bed of Bay Area BMX racing?  Well, with any luck, SF Urban Riders are going to turn it into one again.  You know what that means?  A place for teenagers to drink after school.  THE HORROR.

But really, this is a great project and I hope it goes through.  If you also hope it goes through, there is a very important planning meeting happening this Wednesday the 19th at 6:30 at the Louis Sutter Roadhouse.  Go and fight the NIMBYs.

More information (and pics!) of McLaren’s bicycle past.

More information (with pics of how crappy the park is now!) of McLaren’s bicycle future.

iPhone stolen by urinating man during Bay to Breakers

The day after b2b is always the best day on Missed Connections.  This particular one stuck out of the crowd.

Text in full incase you can’t read the crappy screencap:


You were the dude that pissed underneath a house I was standing to yesterday at B2B. You came over and joined our group for a second and introduced yourself. I thought you were just being friendly putting your arm around me but considering you were actually taking my iPhone out of my pocket and stealing it, i’d really like it back. That wasn’t cool, dude. Seriously, look me up in the contacts. It will reset your douche Karma.