Hobo-Chic Soda From The Fizzary

Now that the holiday season is over and you're, like, “never going to drink ever again,” might I recommend heading over to our very own soda emporium The Fizzary and getting your hands on one of these “drive-in style” root beers?  Not only is the label covered in the finest dog/hot dog artwork I've ever seen, the drink itself is criminally delicious.  Plus, if you knock back the whole bottle in one sitting, it'll make up the caloric deficit you'd otherwise suffer by not getting drunk.

Only three bucks!  Doesn't come with one of those cool “$2 out the door” stickers.

810+ Sodas (and Hella Candy) Now On Sale at The Fizzary

The Fizzary, the soda emporium from the Taylor's Tonics folks that I've been anxiously awaiting ever since I first heard about it (full disclosure), has finally opened its doors.  And the verdict?  Amazing!

Admittedly, I have one helluva a sweet tooth, so I'm kind of biased in favor of sugar-filled storefronts.  But this place has it all.  Literally.  Orange and grape and ginger and cream and cola and blue and some foreign madness and presumably great earthquake insurance.  They even had a soda inspired by The Sopranos:

Every soda in the place is priced exactly the same ($2 plus tax, with price breaks for bulk purchases), and they give out free taffy with every bottle.  Plus, if you're in the mood to guzzle a bottle right off the shelf, they have rapid chiller that'll bring the soda down to fridge temperature in just three minutes.

Of course, all this isn't enough for the owners, who told me that they plan on having over a thousand sodas in stock when the place is all set-up.  They're also in the process of getting soda taps on-site and setting up an event space in the back for burlesque performances.

Anyway, they're situated on Mission between 25th and 26th.  Go check 'em out.