Hobo-Chic Soda From The Fizzary

Now that the holiday season is over and you're, like, “never going to drink ever again,” might I recommend heading over to our very own soda emporium The Fizzary and getting your hands on one of these “drive-in style” root beers?  Not only is the label covered in the finest dog/hot dog artwork I've ever seen, the drink itself is criminally delicious.  Plus, if you knock back the whole bottle in one sitting, it'll make up the caloric deficit you'd otherwise suffer by not getting drunk.

Only three bucks!  Doesn't come with one of those cool “$2 out the door” stickers.

Comments (4)

Yes! I love that place.

Ah yes, Dog n Suds. I used to stop by one of their actual drive-in restaurants on the way to Lake Michigan as a teenager, and pick up a couple of 40s of their delicious root beer. No idea if that place still exists, but I’m glad they are at least still making the 40s!

Plus, once you get done with the root beer in it…..save the bottle, throw some of your favorite non-root beer beer (or maybe there is root beer beer?) in it, and wave hi to the policeman as you go for your mid-evening taco run! Yay me!

I just had this for the first time last week with my HOG dog from 4505 Meats butcher shop on mission and 15th, by the kink palace. Both are killer