New Shotwell's Shirts Are IN

All this talk of “homogenization” reminded me that Shotwell's has a mighty fine new t-shirt for sale that suspiciously reminds me of today's illustration in The Bold Italic. Similar color schemes and everything.  Mmm.  Weird.

Of course, we love Shotwell's rendering of their block.  Also, it's a t-shirt, and we know you've been meaning to transition to wearing bar t-shirts full-time for a while now.  So definitely do yourself a favor and pick one of these up before they're all gone (and try the new Almanac chocolate brew while you're at it).

Local Bar to Host Evening of Bovine Breast Porn (NSFV)


WARNING: NSFV! Apparently unafraid of alienating the local veg crowd, Shotwell's is hosting 'Brisketfest' from 6 to 10pm tonight.  The cash-only cow slaughter will feature brisket from three local purveyors; Wise Sons Deli, Good Foods Catering, and the mysterious Gypsy Kitchen.

$5 gets you a slab of meat from one of the three choices, and $15 gets you all three and the privilege of casting a vote to decide who will be called the Baron of Brisket. Sodacraft is sponsoring the event and providing tasty beverages. More event details on the Sodacraft website. Hell, It's not even lunch time and I'm already feeling ravenous. 


Shotwell's New T-Shirt Design Looks Mighty Fine

Apparently Shotwell's Bar held a t-shirt design contest this summer (which, had I known about, would have received some additional unintelligible 1a.m. submissions) and local cartoonists/Shitty Kitty mongerers Telephone & Soup brought it home with the above design.  Set to white, price unknown, available now next week at Shotwell's.

[Telephone & Soup]

Another Pool Table Bites the Dust

I've heard grumblings from grimy old school Mission residents that there has been a 'big problem' with a declining number of pool tables in the city. “Greedy bar owners ditch their tables to make room for more yupsters,” would be an appropriate paraphrasing of the point generally made.  Which, okay, even if true, and that's a big if, it is not like bars are out there pretending to be a charity or a civic rec room.  However, I get the general point: sometimes it is nice to grab a drink with friends, play some pool, and not have to worry about sharing the cues with the 10 other people on the chalkboard.  That's why god gave us Clooney's.

Regardless of the validity of point made by some veteran Missionites, I guess we can add Shotwell's to the list of bars that have ditched a pool table, as there's now a big paint-free slab of concrete where one of their former tables once stood.  While that may seem like a bummer, they still have one table in mighty fine condition and now there's plenty of room for my yupster friends and I to hang out.

Four Loko for the Rainbow Grocery Crowd

Last night I found myself in Shotwell's Bar enjoying the finer aspects of life (such as getting drunk and eating MSG-filled snack mix), when I happened upon this new beverage that's new to me.  Not only is it organic and naturally caffinated (to the tune of one cup of coffee), the brew is owned by a Mission resident whom lives just a few blocks away from the bar (foodies, rejoice!).  Top the whole package off with 7% alcohol, a $4 per pint sticker price, and the fact I felt like a well caffinated disaster after a few, I have to conclude we have a worthy successor to the Sparks/Four Loko legacy.

My only complaint is that it didn't taste like Sweet Tarts and actually tasted like real bar.  The bartender offered to dump some sangria in my pint to alleviate my concerns, but I thought better.  However, I encourage everyone to make that mistake and report back.