Shotwell's New T-Shirt Design Looks Mighty Fine

Apparently Shotwell's Bar held a t-shirt design contest this summer (which, had I known about, would have received some additional unintelligible 1a.m. submissions) and local cartoonists/Shitty Kitty mongerers Telephone & Soup brought it home with the above design.  Set to white, price unknown, available now next week at Shotwell's.

[Telephone & Soup]

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For a bar with “shot” in it’s name, the tee-shirt seems to emphasize the beer and wines. Only one of those glasses looks like it might be a shot or a highball.

The idea is too complicated, if I want to buy something I have to see, to touch, to compare the item. I know some of my friends who are using this system and they are happy with it, but it’s not my case. I like to go shopping, to search for the right item at a good price, it’s a great activity. This weekend I am planning to search for Hungarian white goose down comforter for my mother. I won’t be happy if I don’t find the right one