Four Loko for the Rainbow Grocery Crowd

Last night I found myself in Shotwell's Bar enjoying the finer aspects of life (such as getting drunk and eating MSG-filled snack mix), when I happened upon this new beverage that's new to me.  Not only is it organic and naturally caffinated (to the tune of one cup of coffee), the brew is owned by a Mission resident whom lives just a few blocks away from the bar (foodies, rejoice!).  Top the whole package off with 7% alcohol, a $4 per pint sticker price, and the fact I felt like a well caffinated disaster after a few, I have to conclude we have a worthy successor to the Sparks/Four Loko legacy.

My only complaint is that it didn't taste like Sweet Tarts and actually tasted like real bar.  The bartender offered to dump some sangria in my pint to alleviate my concerns, but I thought better.  However, I encourage everyone to make that mistake and report back.

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that beer has been around for a few years

Well shit, I guess I’m just behind the curve.

Mate Veza debuted in 2006 in NorCAl and Oregon, is incredibly tasty and very much focused on sustainable and organic farming/sources/economy. The entrepreneur is an amazing guy and big into green—the conservation kind. (He’s also sort of ridiculously tall, dark and handsome. Just sayin.) After the Four Loco brouhaha, the FDA gave this company the A-OK as the caffeine occurs naturally in the brewing process of Yerba Mate.

Drink locally, and help globally. And one tasty buzz too.

Rainbow sells all kinds of scary herbs and medications, some of which can get you higher than Four Loko ever could.

Calling a beer “new” that’s been around for 5 years, isn’t exactly journalism

No, but it is blogging.