Crestside Classic (Mixed By R8R) by Djp_Mix on  Mixcloud


Mayne you know the music you're gonna play tonight is some bullshit ass playlist that is on some mom jam fist pump pitbull dr pepper rave level of boring ass brostep bloghousemashglowtrapxcrybabywave. What you need is some slapping ass bay classics straight out the crest. Oh don't worry if you don't know about the Crest, just roll with this shit. You probably have a better chance of spotting snopa la lengua hyperneighborhood on a map that you do the crest but, if you're looking for some credibility from the skrreet skirts just jam this shit and maybe your cubicle warrior homie will get with it if he fucks with some KC rap or he's just hella bent. If not fuck it, you'll probably get a drunk girl to throw up a dub and mabe you can skeet skirt on her later in the evening. Whatever mayne just bump this shit doggie, don't be threatened by the cuttiness. It's a R8R mix and if you know anything about that northern california trunk tape or the sac classics then you know this mix bumps hella horwd, fuck with it.

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if you really hate rap then don't click and just help the people in the post below.

Tell Me How Those Players Do It In The Western Bay

Couple of SF rap videos from 93-95 because fuck that third eye blind fuckery. No one needs to revisit that bullshit ass music but you can floss your west bay player swag. And also the Get Low is one of the most fun dances you can do. You don't even have to be good at dancing, just bend your knees, bounce, and just look hella cutty when you're doing it.

Waffle House

My friend Isaiah, he's from Tucson, made a rap video that looks like what it would look like if the internet threw up on your dreams. Actually he made the rap song with Max B and Rapewolf, Carne and Queso did the crazy graphics. I guess it's kinda NSFW if your work opposes smoking babies and total recall titties.

Because San Jose Rap is Cool

Antwon brings you a new video for his song Helicopter, produced by Walsh. You nerds can watch the bullitt clips but for the people who actually like rap this shit is dope and you should check out dude's bandcamp


San Francisco X Winnipeg

I recently harnessed the power of the internets to make a mixtape with a friend. I sent him a bunch of rap songs that use a sample from the Beastie Boys' The New Style because that loop is dope as fuck and wanted a mix to exist. Fortunately he had the same idea which I came to find out via this amazing technology called twitter. I sent him a few songs I had in a playlist and he put it together over a few months. Then we put it on the internet because that's what you do with music in 2011.  It's a little over 36 minutes long because we're not sure peope could take the same sample for much longer but I think it's pretty fucking fun. We got all kind of joints on it Big Tuck, OFWGKTA, Prophet Posse, Three 6 Mafia, Pill, Cool Kids, Redman, RSO, and even boring ass Talib. It's not every song over this  beat(I already got checked for the Gobots ft freeway joint being excluded) but fuck that shit, we did it because we're fucking brilliant. If you like rap music or the Internets then you should listen to it.

You can download it or stream it on Hunnicutt's soundcloud

if you want to see the tracklisting then peep my tumblr or click the fucking link for the soundcloud dumb dumb

Hot Jam For The Rapture: Kreayshawn's "Gucci Gucci"

When someone sends me an email that starts out with “Chick rapper out of Oakland. Fresh.” and I see a pair of tattooed white girls with thick glasses and feather earrings, I start retching.  But damn, this shit is definitely fresh.  Just check out some of the lyrics:

Yeah you can kiss the ring but you could never touch the crown
I smoke a million swisher blunts and I ain't never coming down
Bitch you ain't no Barbie, I see you work at Arby's
Number 2, supersize, hurry up I'm starving


The editor, director, plus I'm my own boss, 
so posh nails fierce with the gold gloss
Which means, nobody's getting over me
I got the swag and it's puffin out my ovaries

I, for one, am glam I got to experience this song before End Times.

Fellow UA contributor Josh Constine also notes:

Unlike most of today's rap lyrics, “Gucci Gucci” discusses Bay Area staples that didn't exist in the G-Funk era. With name checks of Twitter, Google, and Adderall (you know, so kids can study hard, get into one of those elite universities, and score a job at these tech companies), Kreayshawn reformats hip hop cliches about drugs and success. The jam is clearly for a modern audience that are more likely to be in the age range of Eazy-E's illegitimate children than his fans.

Full lyrics at the top of the comments, because yer deaf.



TONIGHT!!! Hopefully Killer Mike shows up, guess he didn't make the seattle show. don't know about portland but Killer Mike and Young Dro is gonna be the shit!



Tomorrow night Big Freedia the big dick eater, the queen diva of bounce is going to be at Public Works. Ass Every Where will be going down on stage for sure.

(This is still on because gay rap artists are better at fucking showing up than straight ones)

it's a good month for rap music in the city right now.

Because Rap Songs Are Better Without Choruses

plenty of black and orange in the video.

PS: While we all know that Louisiana Fried Chicken sucks and Happy Donuts sucks the word on the street is that when you combine the two you get mediocre happiness that taste really good when wasted. I haven't tested this theory yet but my friend said “get a glazed donut and some thighs, it sounds shitty but it rules at 2am.”