Tell Me How Those Players Do It In The Western Bay

Couple of SF rap videos from 93-95 because fuck that third eye blind fuckery. No one needs to revisit that bullshit ass music but you can floss your west bay player swag. And also the Get Low is one of the most fun dances you can do. You don't even have to be good at dancing, just bend your knees, bounce, and just look hella cutty when you're doing it.

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What if you’re white and don’t know what “cutty” means?

that’s what urban dictionary is for foo


Bay Area Slang, has many meanings which are ambiguous. The word has a certain feel to it and can describe many situations. Associated with the terms “cutthroat” and “cut” as in “in a cut.” Some say it originated in Vallejo, but everyone agrees it originated in the Bay.

As an Adjective:
1) Hidden, Somewhere away from the general view. Usually a “shady” or “sketchy” area, but used in a generally positive sense. In a cut.

2) Used to describe a person who is streetwise and knows many shady or dangerous people.

3) Used to describe a situation in which illegal or immoral activity is happening, but usually with a positive spin

Yeah. Screw them white cracka, blue eyed devil, no rhythm having, raping our beautiful black womenz while trying to shake their pasty cracka booty(that they ain’t even got) pale selves! Kill Whitey!

Awww yeah, taking it back to high school! Also from the cuts: JT the Bigga Figga rolled by Maritime Hall when we were all waiting to get into a show (Alkaholiks?) and handed out his cassette single. I ought to track it down, since I forget which song. I’m currently going through the very painful process of digitizing all my cassettes, so will add to the fun…

Thanks, dude!

That store in the game recognize game video, Mo Music, is now fucking Soothe Spa