Crestside Classic (Mixed By R8R) by Djp_Mix on  Mixcloud


Mayne you know the music you're gonna play tonight is some bullshit ass playlist that is on some mom jam fist pump pitbull dr pepper rave level of boring ass brostep bloghousemashglowtrapxcrybabywave. What you need is some slapping ass bay classics straight out the crest. Oh don't worry if you don't know about the Crest, just roll with this shit. You probably have a better chance of spotting snopa la lengua hyperneighborhood on a map that you do the crest but, if you're looking for some credibility from the skrreet skirts just jam this shit and maybe your cubicle warrior homie will get with it if he fucks with some KC rap or he's just hella bent. If not fuck it, you'll probably get a drunk girl to throw up a dub and mabe you can skeet skirt on her later in the evening. Whatever mayne just bump this shit doggie, don't be threatened by the cuttiness. It's a R8R mix and if you know anything about that northern california trunk tape or the sac classics then you know this mix bumps hella horwd, fuck with it.

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if you really hate rap then don't click and just help the people in the post below.

Tell Me How Those Players Do It In The Western Bay

Couple of SF rap videos from 93-95 because fuck that third eye blind fuckery. No one needs to revisit that bullshit ass music but you can floss your west bay player swag. And also the Get Low is one of the most fun dances you can do. You don't even have to be good at dancing, just bend your knees, bounce, and just look hella cutty when you're doing it.

Because San Jose Rap is Cool

Antwon brings you a new video for his song Helicopter, produced by Walsh. You nerds can watch the bullitt clips but for the people who actually like rap this shit is dope and you should check out dude's bandcamp

Things I saw at SXSW

yeah it's been a few days but I had to recover a bit from all the drinking. Somethings I did at Sxsw this year involved throwing a trash can at the audience, smoked brisket tacos, a black eye, lost voice to the point when I yelled it sounded like the death rumble in my throat, throwing a beer at a girl's feet for rocking toe shoes in the club (I mean come the fuck on son!), fried pork sandwiches, starting a pit at OFWGKTA, chilaquiles, stood in lines, threw a dude into the wall for trying to mess with my wife, yelled at bands I liked, yelled along to Hard In the Paint by myself, peeing in some fucking police garden, who knows what else.

The best shit though had to be Trash Talk at the Fader Fort, motherfuckers where not prepared. Fader is probably too scared to ever do that shit again seeing as how they won't post the videos or photos of the performance. People were fucking crying because they didn't know how to deal with a hardcore band in the midst of their bullshit ass afternoon of caring more about free beer day parties than actually listening to fucking music.

anyways here is a list of artists I saw.

  1. Young L & Stunnaman
  2. Erk Tha Jerk
  3. Roach Gigz
  4. Mistah FAB
  5. Freddie Gibbs
  6. Bless & Eso
  7. Big K.R.I.T
  8. Killer Mike
  9. Trae
  10. Trap Them
  11. YOB
  12. Zoroaster
  13. Bird Peterson
  14. Telephoned
  15. Dillion Francis
  16. Surf Club
  17. Rapid Ric
  18. Big Freedia
  19. G-Side
  20. Toy Selectah
  21. Masakari
  22. Trap Them again
  23. All Pigs Must Die
  24. Spark Dawg
  25. B. Bravo
  26. Prison Garde
  27. Salva
  28. Buck 65
  29. DJ Eleven
  30. Lecherous Gaze
  31. Wormrot
  32. Trash Talk 
  33. Brenmar
  34. Starks & Nacey
  35. Toy Selectah
  36. Big K.R.I.T. with a band
  38. Katey Red
  39. Vockah Redu