SFC Podcast EP01: Finally, Comedy Pays Off...

San Francisco is a city of storytellers.  From our countless bloggers, novelists, videographers, journalists, comedians, musicians, photographers, poets, the crazy dudes on the corner, and everything in between, we've explored how to share our insights and experiences.  However, the rise of the podcast has seemed to have left San Francisco behind.  Despite all the brilliant programs dedicated to storytelling, there's no definitive podcast devoted to the Bay. Make no mistake: this isn't intended to be the definitive podcast, but, rather, a step in exploring the medium.

First up is Cameron Vannini, a young stand-up comedian who finds an oasis after wandering the dessert in search of physical satisfaction.

If you have a story you'd like to tell, be it funny, sad, hopeful, poetry, or just plain crude, drop us a line at  And, without further ado, I give you the first episode of the SFC Podcast: Stories From the City.


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Show Credits

  • Producer: Daniel Jarvis
  • Story: Cameron Vannini
  • Voice: Michelle Teslik
  • Intro Sequence: Jon Bates

Haight Street Gutter Punks in the Mission Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

I've been down on the whole “Haight Street gutter punks invading the Mission” thing in the past, but this conversation between a Mission kid and a crusty set of Caucasian dreadlocks that I overheard last night outside a bar (where else?) has me reconsidering my scorn:

[Following a 5 minute rant about Ron Paul and how dyslexics are the only hope for America]

Gutter Punk: How could you vote to reelect Obama?!

Mission Kid: The world is a complicated place…

GP: Did you know he voted for indefinite detention?!?!

MK: Obama doesn't “vote.”

And then he stole my friend's margarita.

[Photo by Paul E Ester]