Drum Circle Participants Expand Their Turf

This dude was posted up outside Lucca on Valencia, banging his hands on a gutted speaker box and soliciting donations out of a repurposed weed jar.  A harbinger of things to come, or merely a bold stand against sit/lie?

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That “gutted speaker box” is actually called a Cajon. It’s a real drum. In fact, something that Peruvians are very proud of.

Hell no. I’ve never found myself defending sit/lie before, but if it’s going to be used to harass drum circle participants or potential drum circle participants, bring on the unconstitutional ticketing.

This was inevitable. Gentrification progression always takes the same route … first the artists, then the hipsters, then the yuppies, then the hippies. Plain and simple, this might be right time to move to a different neighborhood, yo.

You know, there’s always the possible strategy of tossing enough ducats into the jar, then maybe he’d buy a bus ticket back home.
He could wow the hicks hanging out at the Dairy Queen.

Nargles. No G. They are invisible creatures that steal your things, typically shoes or weed.