Ed Lee Gets It Done!

Mona Caron's "Manifestation Station" Seized by Muni, Could Be Destroyed

Mona Caron's brilliant futurist utility box, which was reported destroyed on Friday by Mission Mission, has been found in captivity in an “anonymous-looking” MTA building in the northeast corner of the Mission.  The reason?  Graffiti.  This utility box was graffiti.

Thanks for cleaning up the streets, Muni!

UPDATE: Paul Rose of SFMTA writes in:

The controller box was replaced after the completion of the Church & Duboce Rail Replacement project, as part of a system-wide upgrade of various electrical sectionalized switches and associated controller boxes. The urgency of replacing the switches was made apparent after the nine day shutdown at Church and Duboce, when one of the switches failed shortly after it was re-energized. To upgrade the switch at Church & Duboce, the associated painted box also had to be replaced. We are working to have the box re-painted by the artist. We anticipate this process will be complete within the next 3 months.

[via Hugh D'Andrade]

Sassy Supervisor London Breed Loses 'Fucking Control' on Twitter

District 5 Supervisor London Breed is perhaps still most famous for her awkwardly foul-mouthed campaign rant about how the Willie Brown/Rose Pak cabal doesn't “fucking control [her].”  (In her own words, “I don’t do what no motherfucking body tells me to do.”)  Now, she's keeping up her 'independent bad bitch' shtick, chewing out her lowly constituents on Twitter, needlessly pulling out the race card, and implying her detractors and evil wannabe slave-owners.

Her recent blunders follow her “Statement on '4/20' Celebrations in Golden Gate Park,” in which she decried the “drug abuse” and “non-medical marijuana use” of the event. Reader Cynthia fills us in:

Did anyone notice London Breed's tweets on Wednesday? She was on a roll. I happened to be tweeting with her as well, until I called her out on tweeting in Budget & Finance.

Me: When @mayoredlee is to the left of a D5 supervisor, it's kind of a fucked up day. #420 #ggp @LondonBreed
LB: seems to be a common occurrence for you. Sounds like a personal problem. The news always take things out of context.
Me: You know, @LondonBreed, maybe it is “personal”. I love my district. But the real issue is your stance, not me calling you out on it.
LB: all good. It's welcomed excitement in my life.
Me: Wait! @LondonBreed Are you tweeting while in Budget & Finance Committee?

— radio silence —

I mean, at least she didn't pull the slavery comment with me, as she did another person, but when would that ever be an appropriate response to a constituent?

Good question.  Here are some of her other best hits:

Mayor Lee Asks Mission Bars to Not Serve 'Heavy' Booze During Super Bowl

In an effort to cut down on the undeniably uncool vandalism that followed the Giants' crushing World Series victory, Mayor Ed Lee is 'going after booze' instead of 'tackling the culture of violence' that surrounds celebratory rioting.  The Chronicle fills us in:

The mayor said [last] Thursday that [this] week he and Police Chief Greg Suhr will tour neighborhoods hit by vandalism after the World Series and during Occupy Wall Street protests last year to offer support to business owners and “also to suggest that they serve something (other) than heavy alcohol during times of celebration, because that inebriation sometimes doesn’t help with people who want to maybe go beyond the bounds of acceptability in their celebration.”

In other words, take the booze out of the bro, maybe the bro won't torch your neighbor's compost bin outside of West of Pecos.

However, opt-in from local bars is purely voluntary, suggesting shots will be served well into hour three of Telecopter 4's continuous chaos coverage.  Or, as Adam DeMezza of 16th Street's Giordano Bro's pragmatically told the Chronicle, “it’s a good idea, but it’s going to be a tough sell.”

Tough sell, no doubt.  Considering every bar in the neighborhood will be packed full of folks feverishly drinking away shitty 2 Broke Girls commercials hours before kick-off, these places stand to lose lots of money by cutting-off their supply.  But this is the same strategy used by the city in 2007 when they were looking to dial back the whimsy (and, uhh, shootings) of Castro Halloween, and that effort saw empty streets and all but one bar closed.

Besides, it's good for business:

Lee noted that it was particularly important to keep the celebrations safe and respectful given that the San Francisco 49ers are making a bid to host the 2016 Super Bowl. That game would be played at the team's planned new Santa Clara stadium, however, and not in San Francisco.

So have a sober Sunday, folks. For Santa Clara.

[SFgate/SF Appeal, via KQED]