Visionary Utility Box Imagines a Better Start to the Wiggle

No matter how many times I've biked past the front of Mona Caron's utility box at Duboce and Church, I never thought to get off and see what was on the other side.  Big mistake.

Here's what Mona had to say about what the utopian future holds in store for Safeway:

The demolished mega-supermarket replaced with a farmer’s market, with the Duboce Bikeway mural wall still propped up, are details taken from Chris Carlsson’s utopian novel ‘After the Deluge

[via Castro Biscuit]

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#FuckYeah and FuckYeahFuckYeah to Chris Carlsson and “After the deluge”!

That’s gorgeous!

But I like that Safeway. Is the Farmer’s Market going to be open 24 hours? Will it have a pharmacy? Will I be able to buy toilet paper there? Is there toilet paper in Chris Carlsson’s “utopia”?

Is there toilet paper in Chris Carlsson’s “utopia”?

Certainly hope not, as nothing in this world could be more amusing than watch the Koch Brothers go bankrupt and sign up for welfare.


This Farmer’s Market would probably be more expensive, have more limited selection, inconsistent hours, and would only be frequented by tech company workers. There shouldn’t be an automatic disdain for big stores just because they’re big.