Schmendricks "Brooklyn-Style Bagels" Debuts Tomorrow at Fayes!

There's a real lack of acceptable bagels in this town.  Wise Sons was a step in the right direction, but their bagels are only sold on Saturdays.  Luckily, now there's Schmendricks, who'll be having their bagels sold out of local cafes (beginning with Fayes on 18th) STARTING TOMORROW:

So, how about we finally let you taste some bagels? This Sunday (February 26, 2012), we'll be selling some Schmendricks outside of Fayes Video & Espresso Bar on 18th Street in the Mission. We're viewing this as a sort of baby step in the direction of our official launch, but we hope a few of you will be able to come out and join us. A fresh bagel with a schmear and a cup of Faye's coffee should be a pretty good way to start your Sunday.

There's a really long SF Weekly article if you want to know more about their roots.  Or, you could just show up tomorrow morning and START STUFFING YOUR FACE.

Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen Opening Next Week!

Yesterday, our pal Jenny snapped these two pics of the recently uncovered Wise Sons Deli storefront.  What we see here for the first time is all the boring stuff like counters and prep areas for sandwich making and what not.  But the good stuff is on it's way.  Oh yes.

Grub Street is saying they're opening next week (after a Thrillist-Groupon RSVP-only-style soft opening thingy this weekend) and, from the looks of it, will be dishing out some pretty incredible foodstuffs.  There's no menu up yet, but they've been taste-testing French toast recipes, making “deli burgers ground with pastrami on challah,” and let's not forget about that chocolate babka.  And while that all looks perfectly delicious, I'm personally looking forward to replacing my daily intake of liquids with vats of vegan matzo ball soup.

Former El Tonayense space to become a JEWISH DELI

I know we're all still mourning the loss of our dear friend/salsa bar El Tonayense, who was rudely evicted from their 24th n' Shotwell location after their relationship with their landlord went sour.  But, our loss also appears to be our gain because Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen is moving in.

For those of you who haven't spent a considerable amount of time on the east coast, Jewish deli's are home to bagels that actually taste like bagels, piles of lox, and, of course, cute Jewish boys and girls.  Wise Sons is no different: their menu is packed full of vegan and non-vegan matzo ball soup, latkes, pickles, and crazy sandos, among other staples.  And just look at their chocolate babka:

Cinnamon babka not available, with respect to Jerry Seinfeld.

Unfortunately we're going to have to wait until “early 2012” for them to finally open their doors/stuff our faces/tell us we don't visit often enough in exaggeratedly nasally voices, but that cake is worth the wait.

[h/t Inside Scoop | Second photo by Tablehopper]