The Armory

The Kink Armory Takes a Stab at Comedy Shorts [NSFW-ish] recently let their employee's creative juice start flowing, as opposed to their other juices, by having them film a series of short films that promote their Armory tour program.  It's a weird lot of non-pornographic films; shorts that mostly appeal to my adolescent sense of humor.  But there are some gems in there.

Armory employees themselves decided “Creepy Bedroom” was the choice cut of meat:

Also maybe worth a watch is “Enema Bathroom” and their furry Saw remake.

[via SFist]

Unappealing Condos with an Appealing View

As you might have noticed, the scaffolding came down on the new and dull colorless plain uninspiring bland boring boring boring boring condo development at the corner of 14th and Valencia.  And while I'm sure no one who reads this blog can afford to live there (unless you work at Facebook, in which case fuck you), the view of The Armory is mighty nice.

[Pic by the lovely and not boring Sally Kuchar]

The Armory Long Before Kink

I came across this 1915 postcard of The Armory while rummaging through an antique store yesterday (more on that later).  Red brick walls instead of the grey walls we see today.  An American flag rather than the leather pride flag.  A light rail Muni rolling down Mission Street.  And even more surprising, an actual, real live TREE on the sidewalk.  1915 Mission District, you crazy.