Unappealing Condos with an Appealing View

As you might have noticed, the scaffolding came down on the new and dull colorless plain uninspiring bland boring boring boring boring condo development at the corner of 14th and Valencia.  And while I'm sure no one who reads this blog can afford to live there (unless you work at Facebook, in which case fuck you), the view of The Armory is mighty nice.

[Pic by the lovely and not boring Sally Kuchar]

Comments (2)

Meh… There are worse buildings in SF. I’d live in it if I could afford it.
Maybe, just maybe, if we got over our fear of anything new and were supportive of GOOD architecture instead of thwarting it, developers might be more willing to hire more creative architects instead of ones who play it safe.
Just out of curiosity, what would you like to see instead? More fake victorian crap? We’ve tried that. It looks terrible.

I’d prefer that the empty used car lot that used to be there remained. It’s clearly more representative of the neighborhood.