The All-Seeing Eye of Bay Shore

Rimmed with fire, watchful and intent, the neon slit is a window into nothing. From high upon some great warehouse next to Jack in the Box there stabs southeast a rainbow flame, the flicker of which strikes acid flashbacks into all caught within its gaze. 

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The locals no not from whence it came, but said it has hung above the 300 block of Bayshore Blvd between Cortland and Oakdale for months. Venture forth into this otherwise forgotten district, and let the lights irradiate.

KQED's Spark! Explores Mission Murals

Do yourself and watch the short documentary on Mission art embedded below.  I won't spoil too much of the short, but it's a great survey of Mission art, covering the “Urban Rats” of the 1980s, the repeated destruction of the Rachel Corrie segment of the 22nd activist tribute mural, the effects of gentrification (what piece on the Mission would be complete without that?!), Precita Eyes, and various alleys.  For the folks who hate the Marina/white people, one UC Santa Cruz professor even takes a big, steamy dump on both caucasians and the Marina, slamming “wealthy white people,” as they lack “cultural legacies.”  Ohhhh shit.

Update: Apparently this originally aired in May, but it's new to me.

Homeless Dude Steals Bike, Woman on Cell Phone Unfazed

Generally speaking, my favorite Bay Area bike/skateboard videos involve a bunch of clips depicting the more ridiculous parts of urban life.  ”fresh mucus,” which was “made with a mound of shit”, essentially perfects this.  Sure, early shots of the Bay Bridge, freaked out cats, art openings, and Mr. T posters seem average.  But then comes the finale, when they sneak in a clip of some asshole at 8th and Mission hammering away at a u-lock while some Financial District woman walks by, totally oblivious, chatting away on her cellphone.

Ahhhh San Francisco: where smart phones are more important than bicycles.

The Transamerica Pyramid Was/Wasn't Built in a Day

I haven't seen this footage before (or a DIVX watermark post 2k3 for that matter), and while it's cool I also think it's a fake (via CGI).  If you look at historical pictures of the construction here, you can see the rooftop in the right foreground isn't a perfect match.  Also, I don't think they had 'sicky-sicky gnar-gnar' timelapse technology in the 1960s that could make it appear to have been built in under 3 days.  And who builds a skyscraper at night anyway?  

If anything, this is probably from some Department of Defense propaganda fear-flick to illustrate what it would look like if American cities were built by future Chinese invaders/investment groups.  Fear the efficiency!!

This fear based pic brought to you by the remake of Red Dawn. WOLVERINES!!!

Erik Elstran's Dragon Shredit

In my eyes, the highlight of last weekend's Bicycle Film Festival had to have been the 4 minute clip of this kid going completely nuts on his bike.  It's like prop comedy had a bender of unprotected sex with a BMX bike and birthed a kid in Wisconsin.

South Park Takes Out Burning Man

If you haven't had the chance to enjoy the latest episode of South Park, might I recommend that you go and do that.  I won't spoil too much of the fun, but after Cartman befriends the dark lord Cthulhu and destroys San Francisco, they set their sights on Burning Man, “The biggest hippie festival in the world.”

Foreign Correspondant covers Dolores Park closure

No, not really, but this mockumentary style video produced for a UC Berkeley film class is worth watching anyway.  The whole gimmick bares striking similarities to another Limey accented look at the Mission microcosm (below), but with less witty one-liners and better production values.  

(previous “BBC” vid via: SFist)

Halloween at the Kink Castle [NSFW]

Ever wanted to know what goes on at a Halloween party at a porn palace?  Well, “a little bird” gave us the heads up that this video was shot this Halloween at's fortress of dildos on Mission St.  Perhaps if you're luck enough to be invited next year, you too can be penetrated by some guy that looks like Prince or blown while wearing a Nixon mask.

SF Bike Expo: AT's Showdown

Saturday's SF Bike Expo was a decidedly gnarly time.  While the fleet of antique/art/project bikes, vendors, cross racing, and action on the pump track certainly entertained, AT's Showdown was the real highlight.  Unfortunately, I have no idea how to operate a camera or iMovie, so the (short) video lacking any real editing or sick Dropkick Murphy's track/some other song proving I have zero taste in music will have to satiate your appetite.  Don't worry, it includes a fantastic number of flips, kicks, spins and big air:

Also, Neil C. had an off-camera flash and, therefore, got some rad snaps of the event:

(Don't forget: the SF Bicycle Film Festival kicks off Wednesday.)