Red Dawn 2010: San Francisco

(Photo via Governor Schwarzenegger's Twitter)

The Governator welcomed Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to San Francisco earlier this evening.  I'm kinda disappointed they didn't send Ivan Drago (HE MUST BREAK YOU).  Also disappointed that Arnie, with all his action cred, didn't do anything to stop this Red Invasion.  

According to SF Appeal, the Russians are after San Francisco's most valuable natural resource… Twitter.   Leave it to Gavin to quickly become collaborator #1 in the Russian Occupation of SF; he'll be facilitating Medvedev's access to Twitter HQ  tomorrow, where they will undoubtedly steal all our tweets for study and dissection back at ChatRoulette Labs.  

Avenge Me!  WOLVERINES!!!

Q: If Red Dawn took place in the Mission today, what would be the name of our youth based resistance cell?

  • Trustafarian Terrors
  • Fauxhemian Fangs
  • The Blue Ribbons
  • …?

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