Pop's is Having an Identity Crisis

A month or so ago, Pop's ditched their amazing 90s-era television for a flat screen.  That was sacrilegious, but I was willing to deal with it because it's the only bar in the Mission you can drink Jager unironically.  But this?  No more awesome posters.  No more Burt Reynolds.  No more vintage Bud Light boxes.  No NOTHING.  Just a bunch of ugly ass, plain, graffiti-free red walls.  Rumor even has it that TRINA is leaving the jukebox.

Pop's is one of my favorite bars in the world because they proudly display who has been 86ed from the joint:

  1. Jesse was booted for repeatedly starting fights and throwing pint glasses in guy's faces.
  2. Another bro for exposing his genitals to “yuppies” and pissing in the corner behind the pinball machine.
  3. Another girl for throwing a pint glass through the front window.

Pop's is one of the only bars in the Mission where you can get molested for not looking cool.  Pop's is one of the only bars in the Mission where the women are more likely to hurt you then the bros.  Pop's is one of the only bars in the Mission with slam-dunk competitions.

Has Pop's peaked?  Is this an end of an era?  Will Pop's lameout and start hosting art shows in favor of shitty posters?

Don't go anywhere, Pop's.  We loved you the way it was.

Smooches <3,

P.S. - Get rid of the Valley Girl soundtrack.  Fuck that garbage.

Are khakis the jorts of Boston hipsters?

Boston is a really weird place.  I knew it would be in the 80s so I thought I would kick it with a hot pair of Levi cutoffs and fit in with my Somerville friends.  Once again, I was the lamest person at the party.  Unlike the Dolores Park uniform of choice, Boston, from the authentic hipsters to up-and-coming young professionals, is bound by the common uniform of post-ironic Khaki pants.  Are these Boston's version of the cutoff?

This bro is bummed.  He's 29 and still living with his college dorm mate.  That job at Newbury Comics doesn't really seem to be going anywhere and he knows he doesn't look good in a collared shirt.

This bro has upward social mobility; working a boring ass 9-5 while staying true to his roots with public trans, a fixie and an iPod for a penis.

This bro is just drunk.  Just not giving a fuck.  Bro drives a truck.