Getting Booted: My Charitable Donation for the Year

After getting booted in the Mission this weekend, I 'donated' nearly a $$$GRAND$$$ to the City of San Francisco this morning.  You're fucking welcome.  

On a related note, I'll be joining the ranks of the car-less masses.  Can't wait to wake up an hour earlier to commute to the East Bay every morning.  Anyone want to buy 1989 Accord coupe?  Ugly as shit but it runs.  Holler.

Kill Hipsters & Yuppies

I've been seeing a lot of these tags going up around the Mission and Bayview.  Ignoring the fact I've been digging the tags purely as an urban blightform, this is kind of weak.  I mean, yeah, gentrification really sucks.  Pretty sure a genocide of everyone wearing flannel and business casual will solve your problems.

In a possibly related note, there has also been an uptick of MS-13 tags around the hood.  In this example, it is apparent that they have been having a cute laugh lately:

I personally don't have much experience with the MS-13 in the Mission, but I know if East Boston they won't think twice about chasing someone through a gentrified cafe with a machete.  Or lighting a cat on fire and throwing it through a window (via Molotov Cattails).  Pretty sure that would make Union SF residents think twice about going to Haus.

If My Obsession with Cutty Bang Persists, I'll Be Able to Make One of These Myself

ohnochriso says:

I saw this impressive outdoor chandelier made entirely of mini booze bottles on my way to work and had to snap a photo of it. I figured there is probably some sort of installation inside the apartment based on the destruction of the resident's liver.

I'm not really sure I agree with his analysis.  First off, destruction of the liver is a San Franciscan pastime and too commonplace to really do any sort of art installation about (although totally reasonable to dedicate half of a blog too).  Second, drinking from nips is a goddamn San Francisco tradition and should be celebrated as much as possible.

(drop the mic)

(photo by ohnochriso)

Hella Cool Tattoo

This girl Aaliyah that I met at Mission Bar has, by far, the best goddamn tattoo I've ever laid eyes on.  Concept and design all herself.  She was even willing to risk getting tossed out of the bar by throwing her leg up on the pool table so I could get a shot of it in some real lighting.  Hella fucking rad.

Got It At Ross

I was strolling around Dolores Park yesterday and ran into these guys rapping about Ross and screaming for someone to give them a beer.  Figured that was a good time to figure out what's their story.  They're Abraham Linkin and sure to be the next big thing in Bay Area meme-music.


The Cerveza Preparadas at Chavitas #2 Are Fucking Legit

When you start drinking at 7am to enjoy the magic of the World Cup, might I recommend the cerveza preparadas (tomato juice, Corona, half a lime, salt and some Tapatio) at Chavitas #2.  Honestly, I didn't really know what was being ordered at the time, but pointing at fishbowls of red liquid at a neighboring table and saying “cuatro por favor” generally leads to a good time.