Hori Smoku: RAD FILM

I watched the trailer about the life of Sailor Jerry and was pretty underwhelmed but, alas, I'm a sucker for free movie screenings at the Roxie.  Let me just say this: don't judge a movie by its trailer.  Unless it is for Hot Tub Time Machine.  This movie is full of batshit insane old-timers cursing their way into their 90s and provides an interesting take on a WWII subculture (booze, legal prostitution and, of course, tattoos) that it is hard not to love it.  Sounds a lot like Capp Street circa 2009.

Anyways, one interesting thing I learned that Ed Hardy lives and actively works in San Francisco.  That's right.  The Ed Hardy; the boy that sold his work to fist-pumpers everywhere.  Local hero!

The movie is playing again tonight at The Roxie.  You can RSVP (required) here for free.

(Film Website)

Painted Feathers

One of my favorite things about biking back from downtown is all the goddamn painted light posts on Howard.  They are, like, pretty and stuff.  Anyways, some soulless vandal hellbent on bringing down property values took it upon themselves to paint this post on 23rd and Capp.  If gramps didn't already send this person to jail for their violent assault against this light post's right to be, I hope they paint more of like this.  It's, like, pretty and stuff.


Do you follow Nuzz on Flickr yet?  You should.  He's one of the Mission's more epic amateur photographers and takes epic photos of epic locations in epic lighting.  Like this photo above.  Ain't it just swell?  I thought so.


GoldSprints Setup Stolen

Bummer: the West Coast GoldSprints setup was stolen Monday night up in Marin.  If you've never raced GoldSprints before, it was a blast and the entire setup easily cost tens of thousands of dollars:

Sometime between 8pm Monday night and 8am Tuesday morning my entire GoldSprints roller racing rig was stolen.

It was parked in a lot in a normally safe, patrolled, well lit area in an office park on the south side of Novato.

The thieves broke the substantial Masterlock brand tongue lock that was on the trailer.

Leaving only a bit of debris and a portion of the lock, they towed the entire thing away.

It is a PACE American 12' dual axle white utility trailer with a side door and barn doors on the rear. I had just put a burly new Masterlock on the rear of the trailer as well.

All four of my gold metal flake Kreitler rollers with fork stands, the four wood stage decks, four Marin Ignacio black fixed gear bikes and four Globe Roll bikes were inside.

They are unusual in that they all have 53 x 13 gearing and are brakeless fixed gear bikes.

My Mackie speakers and Mackie subwoofer as well as four bins of sound, video and computer cables were inside along with all my associated tools and hardware. A Rane brand mixer, 19” LCD monitor, video projector and Globe banners as well. Two power drills and a red Craftsman toolbox full of hand tools.

If you spot the gold Kreitler rollers or fixed gear bikes with stupid tall gearing from Marin or Globe or any of the other items I'd love to hear about it as would a couple of local police agencies.

Anyways, here is a better pic of the bikes and you can see the trailer here.

(photo by Datenschwanz)

I Made This For The Internet

This week the Werdemup podcast is proud to present a mix by SERGDUN the tall boy drinking shit smasher of beerandrap.com & somanyshrimp.com. GO SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE ON ITUNES.

If you like angry rap music and delivery with hella style all with a complete disregard for any kind of mixing you should check this shit I made for the homies at Werdemup.com It's heavy on the east bay/southern rap styles with plenty of angry violence and threats to cops, a little bit of metal at the end just for the fuck of it, polished off with random static driven defunct NY rap that I absolutely love