Old New Mission Checks Out

New Mission Theater Marquee Slips Behind the Veil of Construction

I, for one, am going to miss the familiar and weathered paint job on the marquee that has long iconified the neighborhood.  But with the Alamo Drafthouse set to open their doors sometime this summer, it makes sense they want to slap a fresh new coat of paint on it for everyone else.

But whatever, it’s going to be awesome to see that old thing lit up again.

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Yea Alamo Drafthouse should be a good addition to the neighborhood really, I mean sure its gonna wipe out Docs but maybe they can move farther south.

why would it wipe out doc’s? cuz speculation?

Yea I imagine the rent will be fairly high here.  Probably a Foreign Cinema like restaurant will take its place.  I think bars close to it will be fine though, Make-out room for instance.

Personally I’d agree with a certain amount of commercial “rent control.” If you’re going to bother with an organization like the Valencia Merchants or whatever trying to keep out Jack Spade, what’s the point in letting your neighborhood commercial rent market only support high end, expensive businesses?

I don’t know if I agree with that, I think at some point there’s a limit to the economic control a city should have.  It’s not shock that rents are rising in the Mission, why aren’t bars starting to trickle down Mission street past Knockout or 29th street?  Bayview even?  It seems like people are preferring to move to Oakland over just moving farther south, I don’t really understand it.

I think everyone agrees there’s a limit to everything, the difference is where the limit should be.

There are liquor license transfer restrictions in San Francisco. I used to know some of them but I’m not sure these days. It’s not as easy as simply taking a license that was at 22nd and Mission and moving it passed 29th. I know that much.

And, yeah, people do seem to prefer a move to Oakland over living in some of SF’s more southern districts. I can understand it as well. I still work at Van Ness & Market despite the move three years ago. BART is really quite good. I actually get to work often times faster now than when I lived in Cole Valley. If I lived out in, say, Portola, the commute would not be an easy nor fast one. Plus, living in Old Oakland feels urban and diverse; two attributes I’ve grown up with and accustomed to. I’m not sure I’d get those in “South-er” San Francisco. And then there’s the weather. Lived in Ingleside in my youth and, man, the weather was draining at times.

I appreciate that sentiment, but it’s not fair to compare Ingleside to Bayview.  Or even Portola and Excelsior.  Portola has a few interestnig commercial streets like San Bruno, and Excelsior has Geneva and Mission.  True, it would be appreciated if these areas were zoned to have random restaurants and bars scattered throughout the neighborhoods like in the Mission and even more urban areas of San Francisco, but that will come when there is pressure placed on the area to do so.  

Bayview in particular has a lot of distinctly urban areas that consist of warehouses, there is ample room to gentrify that area.  And yes, we all know we like gentrification, we just like it at that Goldie locks sweetspot.  All of us Missionites who came here in early 2000s probably wouldn’t have moved here in the 80s or early 90s, the sweetspot was late 90s to late 2000s I imagine.

The Warriors arena is going to decimate Bay View/Hunter’s Point and the Potrero Hill projects. Re-development along 3rd Street is about to get nuts.

I’m skeptical that the Warriors arena will affect Bayview a great deal.  However I am considering purchasing a house in Bayview for 4-500k so am secretly hopeful that it will increase property values.  Maybe I can rent out my place here and move to Austin or something, pay a grand in rent

At least the T-Line will probably get a little better.

Yeah they are very different. I understand Ingleside even has a Whole Foods now! I was just trying to generalize southern SF which isn’t really fair to do.

But does the City even issue new liquor licenses these days? Or do you have to purchase an existing one? I remember there being some sort of regulatory rule about keeping a license in its existing neighborhood but maybe that’s changed (or I just didn’t understand it correctly).

Bayview is an interesting case. I remember reading somewhere that it has some of the highest home ownership rates in San Francisco. That could make it tough to “gentrify” unless homeowners choose to become landlords. The T, despite its issues, does make the area attractive. The reputation, like Vis Valley, will also keep it attainable to those without high incomes. Not sure I’d want to be too close to the shipyard, though, given its Superfund status. But I guess you could make the argument that Hunter’s Point is different from the Bayview. The Oakdale basin between the freeways and south of Cesar Chavez could be a good place for some housing.

Oh, you can gentrify an area with a high home ownership rate. It’s just that, instead of “victims”, you have long-time homeowners making handsome profits.

Why should you give one business a competitive advantage over others just for having been there longer? You may be trying to protect the taquerias of 24th St from being replaced by reclaimed wood and $14 cocktails, but you’re also basically ensuring that no new taqueria (even one considered sufficiently cool and Fuck Yeah Mission by your discriminating standards) could ever compete with the existing ones on price.

You’re right, that would be a complication, but I do think it makes sense for there to be some kind of limit. Again, what’s the point of challenging chain stores from moving in if the insane rents only allow “high end” businesses to exist?

Alamo will be full of brogrammers and hogrammers, Docs has a lease and a local following.

Doc’s lease is supposedly up in ~2 years.

If they show good movies it’ll be full of me.

I am a brogrammer and i love Doc’s Clock.

Better than “Whiny Internet Tough Guys” any day.

Brogrammers are the frat boy techies, I doubt you are one of those.

I’m no bro, and I love Doc’s, and I love the fact that the New Mission Theatre is being restored. 

can we please stop talking about the potential death of Docs?

I love that place. I love Lisa. 

both ideas can exist.

docs lived through Mejool and it can survive this.

This.  A Thousand Times This.

At Sam. People like you are all the reasons people like me BORN AND BRED San franciscan can no longer live in our beloved city.You talk like someone who has no clue of what the overtaking of everything hs caused.

Fuck you. if you moved o the Missione in th 80s. we would have kicked your ass daily.

Disgusting, really.

Yes, it is disgusting that you would kick someone’s ass on a daily basis for having a different opinion than you.

Fuck you too Jonatton Yeah?

It’s the blatant entitlement of the new residents that’s disgusting. So logical. So very reasonable. As if they belong here, without regard for anyone else. We have a community in the Mission that is being infiltrated by brogrammers,  trying to sponge off the “coolness”, and “grittiness”, of the Mission, yet do they know any of the residents? Does it matter to them? Doc’s Clock will close, and open somewhere else, to make room for you…..? Come on. Wake up. This is but one example.