Mixed Reactions Towards Forthcoming Alamo Drafthouse

My favorite is “fuck yuppies,” because we all know that only yuppies watch that hoity-toity Hollywood shit.

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Gotta love that “working class” spelling, too.

Looks like Alamo Drafthouse’s theaters charge $10-$13 per ticket for new release films. That’s no worse than other theaters in the area.

What an Idiot! It’s spelled “Fambly” - duh.

This is an art project by an amazing Stanford student. She got a $50k grant for it. Some people say she’s a genius.

Headline – Zeitgeist replaces the Tamale Lady with the Tequila Lady to compete with the Alamo Compost House!

Some of us Google types are glad that this nook of the Mission will be gentrified (read: made habitable for regular folk) like other parts.

The sockheads - who apparently loathe our guts - should have seen this coming.

You should see a trend coming before it bites you in the rear.

Who did you think were imbibing those $17 ales and porters at Monk’s Kettle, some four-five years ago?

It’s too late, now

Stop whining and join in.


^ is this sarcasm or are you guys really gonna turn sf into Orange County?

right because the Mission is only cool when encrusted with poo and drug dealers. yeah that’s so liberal and hip

Have you ever been to Orange County? It’s impossible to turn the Mission into the OC.

We’re trying to turn the Mission into Williamsburg. Duh.

I’m looking forward to the new condos going up next door. Has anyone seen the pricing info?

There are a few things wrong with your statement here.
First your handle. Well let us bow down in all your magnificent glory and thank you for moving here from…… (insert any place that may apply to you) to help spread “habitable living for regular folk”.
That makes you sound like an elitist right away. Exactly proving the point why others that have lived here for either their entire life or twenty years or longer don’t like the new wave of people moving in. Most of the new wave come off as well paid, rude, self entitled and otherwise not aware that this was someone’s neighborhood before they moved in. As far as their concerned we “should be glad they moved in at all”. That’s pretentious.
I would like to know your definition of regular folk. I’m assuming you meant the cooks behind the counters at Cancun and Puerto or any establishment that was here years before “seventeen dollar ales at Monk’s”. Oh, maybe you meant the new folks that pay four dollars a cup of coffee and discuss which is a better platform for social media. I think you meant choice number two.

This was a working class neighborhood with regular folk from day one, it started as a Irish and German area then became a Latin area in the 40’s. That’s a long history of blue collar living. Maybe you can see why not everyone is super excited about this shift of expensive living and dining. In reality it’s becoming a bedroom community for well paid silicon valley/ tech business minded people. That’s great if you have a well paying job with a cool internet company. Why don’t you live near this so called oasis of wonderful employment. I know, there’s no street cred by living in Mountain View or Los Gatos.
The “sockheads” aren’t the people you should be worried about hating your guts, it’s the people your displacing that have lived here a very long time. They make your food, fix your car, clean your house etc..
As for “seeing a trend coming”. Most people do see the trend coming but what if they aren’t afforded to or just don’t want to be part of so called trend. Not everyone is drinking the kool-aid. Truth of the matter is that trends come and go just like everything else.

“It’s too late, now”
That sounds exactly like what someone who’s been drinking the proverbial kool-aid would say.
I think someone from the first wave of internet hysteria said that same thing and he/she had to move back to small town USA when their groundbreaking can’t live without it web-site/program went under. Webvan,pets.com… do I dare say Zynga will be on that list sooner or later.

“Stop whining and join in”
This one was my favorite because it’s very demanding and presumptuous. It should really read sit down, shut up, and do what I say. You should look up the definition of self-serving.

Oh yeah…
There is nothing regular about spending seventeen dollars on a beer.

you can’t build cheap housing on expensive land, period. the land in SF is worth a lot of money. so it costs a lot of money to build on it. also, people from all over the world want to live here, so guess what? prices go up and no one cares about the history. it sucks, but it’s pretty much done. soon it will be profitable to write people 10,000 dollar checks to leave their rent controlled units and build condos on the resulting super pricey land.

again it sucks, but there’s not much to be done about it unless you install communism, which has worked so well overseas. In the end, buy a bus ticket to Oakland, hippie.


I agree.

Your understanding of economics, especially supply and demand, are superior.

The neighborhood or city or coast or world, whateverthehellyouwant, is not stagnant.

Economic activity is an extension of human life and with the principles of economic scarcity there will always be fluctuations and change. Kinda like how you used to like sublime a lot when you were in high school but then you went to college and your tastes change. you started spending more of your resources on other inputs. the support you gave to your prior interest was diverted and channeled to something new for you.

When there was a huge need for manufacturing in the bay area, a lot of low skilled workers flocked to the area to work. Then the market changed and these unskilled laborors were still here but without work.

When there are non-market intervention, such as rent control you will have unintended consequences.

Higher rents because of an inefficient use of resources. Landlords do not take care of their properties as they should (rent control, sf renter rights, etc).

The lady above me lives alone. Her husband passed 2 years ago, she is 80 and she has a top floor three bedroom 2.5 bath apartment. She will not leave and move into a 1 bedroom because the rent is more. So here you have an inefficient use of resources, she only needs a 1 br but wont move because of the high prices (they are partially high because of rent control).

The best flats aren’t even available anymore. Landlords sell them as TICs rather than deal with rent control.

There’s an Apple dipshit down the hall that’s been in his rent controlled apartment for over 20 years. He’s always bragging about how he pays less than half of what everyone else pays AND has a spare bedroom. San Francisco has some weird laws.

if we kill off some more husbands, our rents wouldn’t be so high. Maybe we could encourage them to smoke, or shorten the time for people to cross the streets so more of them will be gone, and the more efficient among us can have the best apartments. Especially be quick to kill those old people who are just using up or oxygen.

Of course you can build cheap housing on expensive land. That’s what subsidized housing *IS*, you fool.

“again it sucks, but there’s not much to be done about it unless you install communism, which has worked so well overseas. In the end, buy a bus ticket to Oakland, hippie.”

…right, because there are only two options, state communism or unrestrained Ayn Rand no-holds-barred pirate landlordrapist capitalism.

And San Francisco, one of the infinitesimally small minority of cities with rent control, practices “unrestrained Ayn Rand no-holds-barred pirate landlordrapist capitalism”? We’re at the absolute apex of progressive tenant policies. Rents have skyrocketed, yes, but that’s largely because there is no supply - no one leaves their rent-controlled apartments. God knows I haven’t. When you see someone asking $3000 for a one-bedroom, remember that there are probably people in the next unit paying a fraction of that.

I was recently checking a map someone created of Ellis Act evictions over the past 15 years. A lot of people look at it and think, “dear god, look at all those evictions!” But it’s over 15 years. I was shocked at how *little* has happened in the past few. I’m not going to go check the data, but I recall seeing something like TWO Ellis Act evictions in the past few years on the entirety of Guerrero Street. Another two on Shotwell. That’s hardly a brutal spike since the tech boom that restarted mid-2011.

I say this over and over, and guess I should just stop tilting at windmills, but SF tenant protections have done exactly what they were supposed to. It is very hard to evict people, and the makeup of the neighborhood - in terms of residents, though not businesses - isn’t changing that drastically. No, things aren’t stuck in amber circa 1978 (or ‘88, or ‘98 - choose your year affinity), but the sky isn’t falling either.

poors in the mission are such whiners lol

Psyched for the restored New Mission, but it’s a shame about the giant eyesore of over-priced luxury condos going up next door.

Kevin, who exactly do you think will patronize that place?

People who like movies and can pay the going rate to see them?

So yuppies then. If there is ever a day when the clientele drops below 95% white, you should do a blog post. It may be hard for you, since you’ve been a member of the dominant class all your life, but people get implicitly excluded from things all the time.

I’m sorry, but my heart bleeds for a lot of things, but this isn’t one of them. As previous commenters have pointed out, their movie prices are no different than the Metreon or Westfield Cinemark, so it’s not like this movie house is explicitly exploiting the rising prices of the neighborhood.

Besides, if you think those two theaters are 95% patronized by yuppies, that’s your own lunacy.

Hear, hear.

I will! I’m psyched for it!

Yeah because abandoned old buildings are SOOOOOOOOO much better for the neighborhood than actual businesses that I would love to frequent.

I am so sick on the anti-gentrifiers. I just can’t bring myself to care about the whiners anymore. Boo-fucking-hoo, some people have more money than I do. Welcome to life.

There are more than two options, but thanks for your opinion.

Homeless shelter?

But beware the”plutocratisers”, who do away with the gentrifiers.

“Two mournful friends dropped by our flat in Paris last Sunday. They are a well-paid couple from the caste known in Paris as “bobos”: people with bourgeois incomes and bohemian tastes. In the popular narrative, bobos have invaded Paris, driving out pure bohemians and the working class. But my bobo friends had a new story: they themselves were being driven out of Paris. To get enough space for their kids, they were leaving for the suburbs. When they’d told the headmaster at the children’s school, he had looked sad and said: “Everyone is leaving.” Paris is pricing out even the upper middle-class.”


Gentrifiers will soon be blogging about how their culture is being destroyed by the plutocratisers.