Rumor: La Rondalla to be Filled By Marina Cal French Restaurant?

After years of threatening to reopen the 60+-year-old restaurant, we're hearing that the family behind La Rondalla has thrown in the towel and sold to Isa, a self-described “Cal French small plate restaurant” located in the Marina.  The sale hasn't turned up yet on the ABC's website, so we're still putting this out there as a rumor.  However, as recently as October, the family told the Chronicle that they were “having some financial troubles.”  So with the land and building being assessed at nearly $3m, it wouldn't be surprising if the cash-strapped family cashed out before the Valencia restaurant bubble inevitably bursts.

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Oh christ, that would be heart-breaking!

…but, also, sort of unsurprising, I guess. Sigh.

Does the new Mission still have space for Mariachis?

“Does the new Mission still have space for Mariachis?” - Only if they mispronounce Spanish like hipsters do.

I don’t care much about spelling. And if you’ve got friends who write texts messages or on facebook in Spanish, the spelling is often very relaxed.

¿Huh? What does relaxed spelling have to do with butchering pronunciation?

How much hate do you have reserved for Latino hipsters who mispronounce “banh mi”?

*sigh* I wish this were more of a shock.

IMO, the only good thing about Rondalla was the string-light lit bar in the middle. When the remodel eliminated that, it lost all its charm. That was Rondalla to me, and it was already gone.

They had the best margaritas in town. ‘Nuff Said.

Their margaritas tasted like sawdust, nails and vomit on crushed ice.

Come on the place has been closed for so long that half the people on here have never been inside.

There have been so many generations of rats there since thay closed, their DNA forgot about it. It’s fallen out of the collective rodent consciousness, and should be allowed to do the same in our bipedal cortices. Let it go, Doktor Meth…

Naw. La Rondalla was fucking awesome.

It’s never enuf with you and your comments, is it?

You are very, very wrong.

Only kooks drink Margs’

They gave my wife and I free oysters and( no diarrhea). Pretty rad style if you ask me.

the old la rondalla was a great place to go for cheap, good, non artisan bullshit food and strong drinks. greater still at the end of the night to prevent or cure a hangover. sad to see they couldn’t make it and now it’ll be some bullshit thing. not every place has to have 18 dollar cocktails and free range bullshit and artisan fried whatever to be good. fuck, I’ll go to Pollo Campero and eat their fried fucking chicken. at least it’ll be good.

the old la rondalla has been gone for, what? 13 years now?

Hear, Hear.