La Rondalla (Once Again) Slated to Open in a Few Weeks

Note: old construction photo.

We've reported on the supposed reopening of La Rondalla so many times in the past that I'm not certain I believe this, but Grub Street is claiming that the beloved Valencia Street shithole is due to reopen in the coming weeks:

Before shuttering in 2008, Mexican dive La Rondalla (Valencia & 20th) was affectionately referred to across the webs as a “Rosarita crack den” and a “diarrhea factory,” but it was nonetheless a beloved neighborhood hang with cheap drinks and lots of Christmas lights. We've been hearing for over a year now that sisters Betty and Luna Barrios were trying to reopen their father Carlos Barrios's restaurant, since he never chose to lease it out, and renovations have been proceeding really slowly by all accounts. But Eater now brings word that that a reopening is close! By June at the latest, they say.

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YES. So excited for this.

It was better than bulemia for weight loss!

I’m curious as to what the food is going to be like. It’s not like the old La Rondalla was some upscale shiitake mushrooms and locally sourced cabezas and so on, it was a place where they had nice strong drinks and the kind of late night food that uses meats, cheeses and greases to prevent or cure a hangover. Which of course was super awesome and I’ve hella missed it, so i hope it goes towards the latter and not end up some sanitized experience. I have faith it’ll be ok.