7x7 Finally Admits Their Readers Have "Lily-White Skin"

It's been a while since we've made fun of 7x7 for being, well, 7x7.  But this latest tidbit from the magazine's new executive editor Chloe Harris Frankeny is too rich to pass up.

For once, it seems as though the magazine is not only recognizing their whiteness, but embracing it.  However, they took it one step further by calling their reader's skin “lily-white,” a term forever marred by the racist anti-civil-rights movement to expel African-Americans from Southern politics and the Republican Party.  Oops.

But, more importantly, does anyone want to go glamping?  That sure does sound nice.

[Thanks for the tip, Laura!]

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You know,we read this in print and did not catch that. Thanks for pointing this out. That’s pretty fucked up(check the wiki link).

I think they’re saying that people who would “glamp” (which includes readers of 7x7 and/or this blog) are lily-white. Anyway, is this a surprise?

The wikipedia link was a very interesting read. I’ve used the term lily-white for years to refer to how pale I am without ever knowing of its sordid past. While I was familiar with the loose history of the shift in parties post civil war, I definitely filled in some gaps. I suspect the average American is even more ignorant (in the literal sense, not the derogatory one) of this aspect of history than I was. I’d put money on the fact that the author had no idea just how off their innocent use of that phrase really could be.

So completely missing the point–I really really want the Hersey kiss shaped tent/cabana thing. I’m also someone who would totally “Glamp”.

Why does anyone pay attention to anything 7x7 has to say? We’re talking about the same rag that declared Chipotle to be one of the best burritos in San Francisco. How do they have any relevance whatsoever?

“Pasty white” is the preferred nomenclature these days.