DNA Lounge Introduces Chum-like Cocktail Pandering to Seapunks

In a sharp, Four Loko-y departure from the PBR era of hipster culture, alt SOMA venue DNA Lounge has introduced a disgusting new cocktail aimed at stroking the whimsy of seapunks.  And how fortunate for us!  While the past few months in San Francisco has seen everything from murals to fashion to daywalkers from which to draw everyday inspiration, no one has really told us how to drink like a seapunk.

So, how does it taste?

Doctor Popular assured me that it tasted a lot like seawater so I guess he was feeling the waves.

If by “waves” you mean nausea, because this shit literally sounds like bile.

Anyway, anyone have eight bucks I can borrow?

[via Pixelhaunt]

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I’m 99% sure I said “Sea men” not “sea water”, because… you know… it’s funnier sounding.